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What on earth is going on with this job

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user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 21:40:06

For goodness sake I'm getting so annoyed.

I applied for a job (good job 40k wage) three weeks ago.

Personally recommended to the interviewer by my friend who happens to be the interviewers best friend.

So going into the interview I was really confident and nailed it. Every questions was marked out of 6 and I managed to sneak a peak at one of the interviewers marking sheet and all my answers were marked at 6. So 100%.

It was clearly a good interview and it lasted well over the allocated time and ended with them praising me and my work. However of course, someone can come along and just do that tiny bit better.

I was told I 'should hear on monday'. Monday came and went. By Thursday I sent an email to HR chasing up. No response.

I know four people who interviewed too (8 positions going). 2 were rejected on the Monday and two were told in person they had been successful as they work with one of the managers who interviewed them.

It's now been three weeks and I had accepted the fact I had been unsuccessful. No response from HR a second time.

This is a large organisation who ALWAYS let candidates know either way and have a strict online application process. The managers must send their decision to HR and the candidate will then get an email with the rejection and it is updated on their online account.

However I took no news to mean I had been unsuccessful and would be given the inevitable news. I've been unsuccessful before and got told the next day.

So I called my friend on Friday and she said she'd spoken to the interviewer/best friend and she confirmed the position I had interviewed for had yet to be given to anyone. She's no idea what is going on but her friend said she had only extended an offer to two people and that was because she worked with them in person so would see them in the office. No one has been allocated any of the other 6 positions yet but they have suitable candidates for all positions!

So my friend said just wait to see when she calls. It looks promising.

Monday and still no call. It's been 3 weeks since my interview and I'm actually last the point of caring now I'm so annoyed. AIBU to think this is ridiculous? And to expect better from what is normally an organisation and well regarded organisation?

I'm almost ready to withdraw my application because the stress of waiting to hear back is awful. My friend said for the current job she's in now she waited 6 weeks to be told she was successful after interview and she was first choice!

I've started applying for more jobs now anyway. I can't wait forever for a response.
Surely it's not difficult to sit down and decided who to give these jobs to? What on earth is taking so long?

It's for a job in health and social care.

ballerinabelle Mon 22-May-17 21:41:56

I worked for a large bank and this is pretty standard. Shitty but normal

harderandharder2breathe Mon 22-May-17 21:42:53

It could be that you're second in line and they're waiting for the first person to accept or reject the offer?

Keep looking and applying for other jobs in the meantime, but don't give up. It doesn't sound like you definitely haven't got it if that makes sense.

Good luck!

Moanyoldcow Mon 22-May-17 21:43:00

If this is a local government organisation then it can be the norm. I left local government because the lack of urgency and inability to move things along sucked my soul dry.

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 21:43:29

I've always been told straight away when I've been unsuccessful. I've never actually been successful at this company before, only small
Ones so this is new to me.

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 21:43:54

Nope not second in line. They've yet to offer the job to anyone.

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 21:44:37

This organisation don't do that anyway. You are either rejected or successful. If someone declines the offer they will offer it to the best rejected candididate.

MrsBadger Mon 22-May-17 21:45:34

Either that or there's a more complex scenario where people within the organisation are being made redundant and have to have priority at interview for suitable internal positions, and they're dithering about where best to redeploy them…

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 21:47:42

They've a no redundancy policy.

It's not an organisation lacking in funds.

I'm just so annoyed. I just want to know now.

wtffgs Mon 22-May-17 21:51:11

They sound like a fairly crap outfit to work for tbh. If they can't be bothered to inform interviewees about the interview outcome they sure as hell won't give a shiny one about staff welfare.

Good luck with your job hunt! flowers

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 21:57:51

The managers are really nice as I know them. I just don't know what's going on.

Seems I wasn't a brilliant candidate though.

HundredMilesAnHour Mon 22-May-17 22:08:43

You've been very fortunate if you've always been told straight away previously. Just get on with your job search until you hear either way and stop stressing about it. Threatening to withdraw your application is just cutting off your nose to spite your face and very immature. It sounds like there are some complexities behind the scenes that need resolving before offers can go out. Be glad that you haven't been rejected and are seemingly still in the running.

I was interviewed for a role years ago and like yours the interview went very well. It took 9 months before I was offered the job. Okay so that's an extreme example but you get my point.

c3pu Mon 22-May-17 22:14:50

Unfortunately this sort of thing is incredibly common.

Just put it on the back burner and continue to apply for other jobs if you so wish.

cherish123 Mon 22-May-17 22:17:37

This is very unprofessional. I was always told within a day or two. This only happened to me once. It was years ago in an office job. No response for 2 weeks and then a call to say could I have second interview (I was the only one called back so not really second interview) with the MD. In the two weeks, I just assumed I had not got it.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 22-May-17 22:18:24

My partner had an interview in October and is still waiting to hear - the online thing still says "pending decision". It is the utter height of rudeness.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Mon 22-May-17 22:20:15

Teaching is the complete opposite. Candidates are informed of the decision on the day- sometimes whilst still at the interview- and have to accept at that moment. It's considered bad form to ask for thinking time.

I think it's rubbish as nobody has time to process anything.

edwinbear Mon 22-May-17 22:20:23

I'm still waiting for a response from a 7th round interview I had 4 weeks ago. I'm also waiting to hear from a major bank I interviewed with last October. It's pretty standard these days for people to just ignore you after interviews. It's so fucking rude.

Pollaidh Mon 22-May-17 22:23:16

Government roles can take 3-6 months. By which point we've usually lost the industry people we're trying to attract because their sector takes about 2 weeks to make a decision.

rallytog1 Mon 22-May-17 22:25:12

I'm still waiting to hear from a job interview I had with a major telecoms firm 2 years ago. I'm assuming I probably haven't got it...

Seriously, I know it's frustrating but stuff comes up that mess up timelines. Things get delayed. Communication isn't always prioritised like it should be. Don't sit around waiting - just carry on applying for other jobs.

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 22:26:01

I've been ignored after interviews many times. Loads of places don't let you know the outcome.

This organisation always do though with no exceptions. It's a policy they have. Unless there was an admin error and my application somehow slipped through the net but I doubt it. Also the interviewers know of me though my friend.

user1495366815 Mon 22-May-17 22:27:04

I used to be a teacher. I loved that you knew there and then. I don't know why all jobs can't be like that!

LallanasInPyjamas Mon 22-May-17 22:29:56

My partner works in senior civil service and wasn't told for three months. Sorry but you sound like a bit of an entitled arse, their HR have more to worry about than you demanding responses. You have probably irritated them no end by repeatedly asking and name dropping.

fabulous01 Mon 22-May-17 22:30:13

I work in HR and this is common. There is something going on which they can't tell you
But can I say that if this is causing you stress think about whether a job of that salary is right move as stressed at that salary will be normal

ShastaBeast Mon 22-May-17 22:32:00

A recruiter I met with refused to deal with public sector employers because they are too slow. DH was offered a job a while back but they hadn't got the sign off higher up, he didn't know so handed in his notice! They've still not got the sign off and he's starting elsewhere very soon. Small companies can be better as decisions can be made quicker.

ShastaBeast Mon 22-May-17 22:35:13

£40k isn't that high a salary, depends on the sector. DH earns a lot more and isn't even a manager, and will get flexibile working etc to help with the kids - attend sports day or whatever.

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