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Shops should sell shoes individually

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OuchBollocks Mon 22-May-17 20:48:09

Shouldn't they? Lots of people have feet different sizes. Some people only have one foot. My right foot is badly swollen due to injury so my options are: wear a shoe far too small for my right foot (painful and bad for it), wear a shoe far too big for my left foot (so my foot flops around in the shoe making walking awkward), or buy two pairs, one in size (expensive and wasteful). Wouldn't it be fab if you went into a shop and they asked your size, and you could say "left 7 right 8"?

nbee84 Mon 22-May-17 20:58:05

Have a look here

beautifulgirls Mon 22-May-17 20:58:10

Yes, I agreee, I have a daughter with half a right foot. Mostly she has inserts into her same size shoes but summer shoes the only options I have are to buy two pairs and use the relevant left or right from each size. Some shoe shops do a mismatch deal where you pay less for the second pair but most don't and even with a deal it can be stupidly expensive. Have you tried a shoe supermarket type shop and some cheap crocs? You can pick two pairs up for very little money - not stylish I know but will help for a short while.
Hope your foot feels better soon.

nbee84 Mon 22-May-17 21:00:29

50% surcharge for this but better than having to buy 2 pairs of shoes;

From the Clarks website -

ODD SHOE SCHEMEIf you or your children have different sized feet, here at Clarks we can supply most of our shoes in odd sized pairs.Instead of having to buy two pairs, you can have one pair to fit both feet. There's a surcharge for this service, 25% for children and 50% for adults on top of the usual shoe price.It is recommended that both shoes should be tried on for suitability and advice taken from the staff before purchasing.For further information please contact your local store or customer care on 01458 899901.

OuchBollocks Mon 22-May-17 21:01:16

Crocs won't be much use, I have a fair amount of nerve damage from a bad break so it needs to be decent supportive shoes with proper soles. Style, alas, is unlikely to be a factor.

nbee thank you!

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