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To want to visit Orlando theme parks without kids?

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SugarnetMum Mon 22-May-17 02:15:19

Would that be odd?

I really want to go to Orlando and go do all the theme parks. Eg water parks, amusement parks, we have no kids I just thought wed have the best laugh ever!

Surely there's plenty of rides for adults?

How expensive is it when you're there? I have seen really nice hotels for under 400 euro for a week
But obviously the flights are expensive at 600 each and spending money...

HLBug Mon 22-May-17 02:18:26

Personally I don't think it's that weird - I'd love to do it too!!

SugarnetMum Mon 22-May-17 02:20:11

Looks soo much fun

JungleInTheRumble Mon 22-May-17 02:22:58

Fair enough if it's what you want to do. Personally I'd be put off by the number of children...nothing worse than listening to screaming children all the time when you're on holiday imo.

hellokittymania Mon 22-May-17 02:29:45

Plenty of people do it! Go ahead and enjoy yourself! Yes, there are rides for adults and other things like shows, food etc. that you can do. I have even seen adults blogging or of vlogging about their experiences on the Disney cruises.

KC225 Mon 22-May-17 02:36:40

Friends of mine lived near Chessington and used to get a couple of free tickets as a goodwill gesture (assuming for increased traffic etc) at the start of the season. They had 4 kids and little money and barely even got out by themselves but she told me her DH would take the afternoon off work as did she, her MIL had the kids and the two if rhemwoudl go to Chessington and good all the rides by themselves, then come home and pretend nothing had happened. Used to make me laugh.

If you want to do it go ahead and do it.

AlwaysSpellingMyName Mon 22-May-17 02:40:51

I'm here now OP and there's plenty adults here without kids. I have a good friend (childless) who comes every year with her husband. She loves it! It's my 1st time in Orlando but I'd come back without kids dreams of childfree holiday

WildKiwi Mon 22-May-17 03:43:44

Go for it! I've been as a child and an adult (probably more accurate to describe me as a big child....) Loads of activities for all ages (some of the kids rides are the best).

Check out the Brits Guide to Orlando guidebook. Great reviews and lots of useful tips, including best times to visit.

emesis Mon 22-May-17 03:47:21

I'd love to do them sans kids. There are thousands of Disney nerds out there who are fully grown adults and go to Disneyland alone.

My parents in law did the Anaheim one at 50 years old. They got there when it opened and stayed till closing time which sounded like midnight or something ridiculous. They had a ball.

Chrisinthemorning Mon 22-May-17 03:48:13

DH and I went before we had DS, we had a great time. We went last year with DS and we are planning next year, it's great fun with him but different.

fiftyplustwo Mon 22-May-17 04:03:57

I see nothing strange in this. I had a manager once who travelled around, visiting theme parks in the US and especially the roller-coasters, which he rode multiple times in a row (it's obviously a totally different experience if you go in the first car, last car, or somewhere in the middle. I had no idea.) He retired soon after, so he was approaching 60 I think.

LaLegue Mon 22-May-17 04:07:36

Not at all. You can have a fantastic time there at any age.

MrsPeelyWaly Mon 22-May-17 06:41:45

My brother and his wife go alone every year. They are grandparents. I've been with them twice and each time done 2 solid weeks of nothing but Disney. We are already looking at next year. I never thought I'd love Disney but I do even though I don't think about it from one visit to the next. It's like medicine for my troubled heart.

I do go on other holidays but they are very different to the Disney ones.

Oh and I'm a granny many times over also.

nottinghamgal Mon 22-May-17 06:45:21

i go every year without kids.

Disney is magical for all ages and there is lots of adult related stuff to do too such as drinking around the different country's of Epcot.

I love it and don't have kids. The odd person in the UK will think you are weird but no Americans will think that

nottinghamgal Mon 22-May-17 06:47:17

On an expensive note then yes it is expensive. Budget £2k each to get there, car, hotel in decent location and tickets. Just Disney tickets are about £250. Double that if you want to do the other parks.

Then there is parking, food in parks and a current poor exchange rate.

It's worth every penny but I would save until you can go without scrimping.

belleandsnowwhite Mon 22-May-17 06:48:00

Lot's of people go without kids, there is plenty to do for adults. It is great place for any age.

Nquartz Mon 22-May-17 06:50:55

We went for my 30th/our first wedding anniversary (no kids then) had a great time. Didn't spend as much time at Magic Kingdom as when we went with DD last year & we loved it. Universal was great for big rides but we still liked watching the parades and meeting characters.
It can be done relatively cheaply, hotel can be basic when its just adults, take picnics into the parks, eating out us cheap (there's loads of buffet places).
Do it!!

Nquartz Mon 22-May-17 06:54:31

Re: flights, they can be as little as £300 each with thomson during term time, but I assume you're not in the UK because you talked about Euros. Have a browse on DIBB (google it) there's loads of information to help you plan & get the best deal

handsfree Mon 22-May-17 06:57:32

We went loads before we had kids. And now we have to take the children with us I can assure it's far far better without them grin

RudeDog Mon 22-May-17 06:59:06

If you are willing to change flights they can be much cheaper - were only paying £400 each

We go and I have a childless friend who goes - a lot of her holiday involves drinking in the bars she loves it!

Lots of adults without children about - you won't stand out

Pepsi13max Mon 22-May-17 07:03:21

Go for it! The flights/hotels are usually v reasonable as you have seen, but make sure you budget for the theme park tickets before booking - sights like Orlando Attractions or Floridatix do deals - but tbh it can easily double the cost of your holiday.

It is v expensive once you are in the parks, got drinks/meals etc. But it's an amazing holiday.

Alexandra87 Mon 22-May-17 07:10:40

My husband went for his 18th birthday. He was the youngest there and loved it and he's not a Disney fan.

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Mon 22-May-17 07:20:56

I'd love to go again without kids but I don't want to wait that long. grin There's so much there for adults.

TobleroneBoo Mon 22-May-17 07:26:45

4 of us (adults) have just returned from there - we had an amazing time!

CressidaTheHeathen Mon 22-May-17 07:56:55

My adult trips there have been more fun than trips as a child or trips with my kids.

My kids don't enjoy the long haul flight so we've snuck off there a few times during the week their grandparents take them away grin

There's tons to do as an adult. Don't miss the universal parks. It's also great if you can go during an event - food and wine festival at Epcot is great, so are Halloween horror nights at Universal. Very grown up smile

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