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To just to remind everybody that cute wild animals can be very dangerous

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hellokittymania Mon 22-May-17 02:14:11

Did anybody see the video of that little girl being pulled off the dock by the sea lion? That really scared me when I heard about it. I don't know Who was watching her, or why she was near the edge of the dock with a sea lion, but it doesn't sound like a good idea.

It reminds me of Steve Irwin holding his baby next to a crocodile. It might be cute, but it really isn't such a good idea. or that group of tourists in Thailand who were on that really badly made raft and were throwing food at crocodiles.A good selfie, yes, that is, if you don't become lunch.

I grew up in Florida, where you have you have a lot of poisonous snakes, alligators, sometimes sharks etc. All can potential kill you .

toffeeboffin Mon 22-May-17 02:16:53

Yup, I saw it.

As you say a sea lion is a wild animal, all the onlookers looked totally amazed that it jumped up and grabbed the child.

It's a wild animal, stay a good distance away fgs.

Kursk Mon 22-May-17 02:22:11

Being a Sea Lion in a Harbor habitat it's not fully wild, as it has lost the fear for humans.

I also think that it was being inquisitive it was no trying to harm the kid.

Even so you are right to treat wild animals with respect

hellokittymania Mon 22-May-17 02:25:49

I don't understand why she wasn't pulled away when it went at her the first time? The news clip said that it went at her and missed before grabbing her.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Mon 22-May-17 02:47:59

There are too many idiots in Canadian National Parks who get out of their vehicles to try and get close to wildlife. Some morons try to feed the bears.

hellokittymania Mon 22-May-17 03:08:40

Moose, did you watch that documentary about that crazy guy who lives with bears, and at the end he became their dinner along with his poor girlfriend? You think people would watch these things and consider what these people went through before getting close to animals like bears.

I just don't get it. I mentioned to somebody that I worked in southeast Asia, and she remarked that I must have stroked Tigers. I said actually no, nor did I want to. grin

Tazerface Mon 22-May-17 03:20:18

Have you seen the whole video?

I agree with you on the whole but other people were throwing it food. The kid put her hand out like she had something in it, that's why it jumped.

People are fucking stupid on the whole, let's be honest wink

hellokittymania Mon 22-May-17 03:23:36

Oh, that makes more sense about what it was doing there. Don't feed the sea lions! Or crocodiles, or bears

malificent7 Mon 22-May-17 06:24:24

Yanbu but crocodiles are definately not cute!

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