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In thinking the bbc should have moved away from asking for gender?

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WhoAteAllTheJuice Sat 20-May-17 10:42:16

Probably been mentioned before but for this corporation to be asking your gender for (explicitly said) tailoring it's site to you. So that's one gripe.

For the choices on this question to contain male/female (that's what sex you are? Not gender?

Selecting one of these? What happens? I get stereotypical shows suggested to me? The background goes all pink/blue ribbons/drills sparkles/equations?

What an archaic body that doesn't know the difference between sex and gender and would like to enforce stereotyping gender.

patronsaintofglocks Sat 20-May-17 11:48:24

I agree.

WhoAteAllTheJuice Sun 21-May-17 06:30:30

Mumsnet asks for Gender too. Should it not be sex? I site searched gender and was quite surprised at the number of people asking about Gender Scans?

Besides if you are going to ask Gender shouldn't the options be Masculine Feminine etc.

Wannabe2017 Sun 21-May-17 07:22:58

Your passport application asks for your gender also

VikingVolva Sun 21-May-17 07:35:18

I think asking for gender is better than asking which sex.

Unless of course there is an option for 'intersex' included in the latter, because without it then nit all biological options are covered.

Intersex is way commoner than people realise, because those with it are usually brought up as one of two genders.

UnmentionedElephantDildo Sun 21-May-17 07:36:07

"Besides if you are going to ask Gender shouldn't the options be Masculine Feminine etc."

I don't think that's the common parlance at all.

AdultHumanFemale Sun 21-May-17 07:49:01

Obfuscation of gender / sex everywhere. At least that's the way it looks to me, as someone who is gender critical and doesn't see the relevance in asking for gender identification. But I suppose, massive virtue signalling on behalf of organisations who have bought into it and who have policies to adhere to pertaining to gender identification.

SallyGinnamon Sun 21-May-17 08:00:54

Where on the BBC?

FlatBreadFeast Sun 21-May-17 08:08:55

Before general identification became a hot topic I though the term gender started to be used on forms because when being asked "sex?" some great wit would always reply "oh, yes please, hahahaha"
Then the term became interchangeable. And yes, I think the options should be masculine/feminine.

BeyondStrongAndStable Sun 21-May-17 08:27:38

Mn did say they were gonna change it...?

WhoAteAllTheJuice Sun 21-May-17 11:26:09

Bordersarethebest now you have to sign in to watch iplayer (or soon will have too) it asks for more details on your profile or when you register.

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