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Another 'keep your kid off school when they're ill' aibu!

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YesAnastasia Sat 20-May-17 02:19:14

I'm so very annoyed. My friend's daughter has been vomiting. She vomited at home numerous times, then at brownies etc.

They keep sending her in school & taking her to classes! Because "she's fine after" They said it wasn't viral and that their head said in a letter that he wants children in school even if they have vomited (BS? or irresponsible Head?)

They all have it now (but it isn't viral hmm) and I'm feeling unwell. They're having time off work because of it. I am a carer and I have some important shit to do this week but I feel so poorly. Even if I didn't catch anything from her/them (because you can never be sure) it's still super unreasonable for them to do this. Isn't it?

Italiangreyhound Sat 20-May-17 02:31:19

Of course it is and you should report this to the head. There are guidelines on when you should return to school after sickness, in our school there are and it is 48 hours. I cannot imagine what people child children who are ill are going to learn!

And if or when the teacher gets sick I am not sure what the kids will learn from whomever is roped in to take their class.

please send your head this link and ask her or him to look at item 6

Diarrhoea and/or

48 hours from last
episode of diarrhoea or

(bold - mine)

furryelephant Sat 20-May-17 02:33:03

Absolutely fucking insane. My sister coincidentally came home at the end of SATS week which a stomach bug, and the vomiting/dehydration then triggered a seizure (known epileptic) and she was unwell and off school for a week, at risk of more seizures as she couldn't always keep down her meds angry

SparklyUnicornPoo Sat 20-May-17 02:35:22

Yes it is.

Even if the child isn't actually contagious neither school staff or brownie leaders should have to deal with vomit when it can be avoided, obviously there are times child's fine one minute and vomiting the next and everyone who works or volunteers with children knows that's a risk but parents that send them in knowing they are likely to vomit really annoy me.

Plunkette Sat 20-May-17 02:57:59

Why on earth would you feel the need to send a vomiting child to Brownies?

Poor wee girl.

Poor Brown Owl.

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 20-May-17 03:00:34

I'd be seriously considering the friendship. I'm chronically ill and if someone did this to me I would be very very ill. Not just a couple of days feeling a bit shit.

YesAnastasia Sat 20-May-17 03:06:44

They are very selfish people but it doesn't usually affect me so I don't judge. They think I worry too much & smother my children so I guess we both annoy each other.

This infuriates me though. They make excuses for it but it's because they're selfish. It isn't fair.

AwaywiththePixies27 Sat 20-May-17 08:00:33

So selfish to do this.

Poor kid as well being sent everywhere when she's obviously not fine after if she's still vomiting. angry

I'd do as ItalianGreyhound said. Send the link to the HT and report her as well.

At DCs last school their policy was always 24hrs free and I always used to say that's not the NHS guidelines. Their current school has the 48hr policy which seems to work slightly better at not letting it spread like wildfire!

Also, if it is the current bug that is sweeping around the girl cant possibly be fine after, it laid my friend up for three days last week.

CadnoDrwg Sat 20-May-17 08:45:04

My youngest is one of those children who can sick and appear fine in between episodes.

I figure she's an example of the reason these guidelines exist because not everyone with an illness 'feels' ill.

Your friend is either selfish or stupid not to realise this and keep sending her daughter places.

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