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to ask if there are any bus drivers out there who can help?

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angrybusdriver Fri 19-May-17 23:30:40

I have name changed.

I am booked in to do my Driver CPC tomorrow morning at 8am.

I ordered, on the advice of Pearson (the agency who deal with this) a book entitled "Driver CPC".

I sat down tonight to cram for the test tomorrow (drivers hours etc), and the book doesn't contain any of that. It just tells you how to get your bus licence, i..e the various stages you have to go through. It doesn't give the fucking information you need to pass the fucking test.

Raging! If I sit the test I am likely to fail and lose my test fee. If I don't attend I will lose my test fee.

Really fucking pissed off.

I am about to start googling to see if I can find any information on drivers hours etc online.

Can anybody help?

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