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To think this is unprofessional?

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Fink Fri 19-May-17 18:58:23

I've seen a job advertised on Facebook. The organisation is one I follow and their post has come up on my feed. The first thing I thought was that it looks like the ideal job for me, except more of a commute so I'd have to seriously consider how travel would work. Apart from that, it's perfect.

Then I noticed that in the comments section someone (Jenny) has commented ' It looks like a good job. Fingers crossed!' Fair enough. I don't know Jenny but from looking at the publicly available bits of her profile I surmise that she's already involved at the organisation and has experience in a similar role.

Three other people have commented along the lines of 'Oh Jenny, this would be perfect for you! x' and Jenny has replied things like 'Thanks, we'll see.'

AIBU in thinking you don't use the official job advert (albeit only FB) to chat about your friends' prospects of getting the job?! I mean, fair enough if Jenny had shared the post and the other people were writing on her own wall, but to have all those comments on the actual advert just makes it look like a complete stitch up. The people who have commented (again, from their FB profiles) are all in professional roles so presumably have some idea of what constitutes reasonable professional behaviour. To make it clear, I don't think Jenny's posts are out of order, although I think she could have replied better to the comments; it's the other people I think have overstepped the mark. Equally, the organisation itself have replied to a different comment so are clearly monitoring the post, AIBU in thinking they should have deleted those comments or at least replied to make it clear what the forum was and that it wasn't the appropriate place for discussing the merits of a particular candidate?

I don't know, maybe I am overreacting. AIBU?

Trills Fri 19-May-17 21:01:56

Is "behaving sensibly on social media" in any way a part of the job?

Maybe this will count against her.

You should definitely apply.

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