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AIBU if you are claiming you benefited from a grammer school education you should understand grammar?

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sashh Fri 19-May-17 11:24:07

I have had a couple of mailshots from candidates so I have had a look at their websites, one says:

"I am delighted to Theresa May’s conservative candidate for"
Having spent my career working in advanced manufacturing sectors like, aerospace, automotive and electronic engineering, my main focus would be being a strong champion for business in Wolverhampton.

Followed by

"My second priority for is education. I believe that it’s vital that we give young people the best chance to get on in life. I was lucky to have the benefit of a grammar school education."

StealthPolarBear Fri 19-May-17 11:25:47


StealthPolarBear Fri 19-May-17 11:26:14

Sounds like it's had a write and a rewrite and not enough checking

StealthPolarBear Fri 19-May-17 11:26:41

Or shud that be a rite and a rerite

WishfulThanking Fri 19-May-17 11:27:25


You should check your own grammar before criticising somebody else's!

sashh Fri 19-May-17 11:32:23

OOps, just noticed my ow n spelling error. Sorry people.

sashh Fri 19-May-17 11:33:06


I went to a comp.

VladmirsPoutine Fri 19-May-17 11:33:25

Godwin's Law grin. Any post complaining about grammar is invariably riddled with grammatical mistakes.

caz323 Fri 19-May-17 11:51:00


shinyredbus Fri 19-May-17 12:06:52

Oh dear OP. confused

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