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dh has d and v, will 6 week old ds get it??

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musicmomma Fri 19-May-17 06:46:51

Posting in here for traffic, so apologies, but will my baby get the tummy bug his dad has just woken up with?? He is exclusive breastfed

I've got the hv coming later so will ask her advice, but in the meantime do any of you have any experience or advice?? Anxious ftm here xx

RNBrie Fri 19-May-17 06:49:59

No he probably won't. But wash your hands regularly and keep him away from dh. Make sure dh washes his hands every time he goes to the bathroom and tell him to avoid touching his face if possible.

We've had lots of these sorts of things and the don't spread more often than they do.

bigchris Fri 19-May-17 06:50:15

I think your baby might avoid it as long as you make sure everything is disinfected, washing hands, not sharing towels , bedding, use dettol in door handles , don't let dh near muslin cloths etc

OhDearToby Fri 19-May-17 06:52:32

If your dh keeps away from him (and you, looking after a baby with a bug is no fun!) and is completely diligent about washing his hands he should be okay. Set him up in a different part of the house and make him use a separate bathroom if you have one.

As he's too young to move around himself he would only really come into contact with the bug if an adult brings I to him (if that makes sense!).

chocoshopoholic Fri 19-May-17 06:52:33

Keep them as separate as possible and lots of hand-washing.

Phone your HV for advice, and the option to rearrange for them to avoid exposure.

Ankleswingers Fri 19-May-17 06:54:29

Yes all of the above and definitely call your HV- give them the opportunity to rearrange. Nobody wants to be exposed to that unknowingly.

squiz81 Fri 19-May-17 06:57:16

Id cancel the HV not fair to make her come to a house with germs...especially when her job involves dealing with vulnerable people. Just give her a call to talk about your concerns.

Keep your husband away from baby and disinfectant well.

musicmomma Fri 19-May-17 07:07:29

Hi I will call hv to rearrange.

We don't have a spare room we're all in here together and ds is in a next to me crib, so close quarters. No other bathroom either. Dh just changed ds, handed him to me and then went to throw up! That was the first we knew of it !! Panicking now

helensburgh Fri 19-May-17 07:14:04

We all recently had an awful d and v bug. The breastfed baby git away with just some diarhhea.
Hope you all OK.
Bleach and handwash

FaithAgain Fri 19-May-17 07:19:44

I had an awful bug when DD was that age. She was EBF and she was fine. Hope he's better soon.

mistermagpie Fri 19-May-17 07:24:55

Baby probably won't get it. DS1 had d&v a few weeks ago when DS2 was four weeks old. He threw up everywhere, all over me, all over his dad, it was dreadful. We were scrupulous with the cleaning and hand hygiene etc and none of the rest of us got it.

Blueredballoon Fri 19-May-17 07:28:35

I had two awful bugs when my baby was very small and they didn't get anything at all. They were bf too, if that makes a difference (so were permanently attached to me between throwing up!) . smile

londonrach Fri 19-May-17 07:40:30

No. dh and i got d &v whilst dd was 2 months old. Despite sleeping next to us and having to walk past her moses basket she didnt get it and this lasted 4 days in total. She also didnt wake whilst we were being ill. Cancel the hv though.

PotteringAlong Fri 19-May-17 07:43:56

Maybe leave DH in bed, move crib to living room and you sleep on the sofa for 2 nights?

musicmomma Fri 19-May-17 07:47:06

Hi everyone, so I've dettolled the whole house and decamped me and ds in the living room. I've told dh to stay in the bedroom, now I just hope he doesn't get it! Dh often wakes up, pukes up, goes back to bed and is fine by lunchtime while I get away completely unscathed. I an hoping this is one of those times

PotteringAlong Fri 19-May-17 13:17:16

How's it going? flowers

GahBuggerit Fri 19-May-17 13:28:21

My bf ds2 did get a d&v bug when he was about 10 weeks that dp had but it wasn't too awful, he bfed a lot more think for comfort/hydration and i sat most of the 2 days upright with him on my chest, skin to skin, so he was upright too and had a few towels near both ends to catch anything. It was probably more upsetting for me than him as he seemed to weather it ok.

Hand gel and those dettol aerosols you can get and baby should be fine.

Does your dh get bugs a lot?

Itsjustaphase2016 Fri 19-May-17 13:33:38

Nah I don't think your dc will get it. I have a 4 and 2 year old who have had D&V many times
and didn't give it the baby. I recently had norovirus and didn't give it to my co sleeping breastfed baby. My DH had norovirus and didn't give it to the baby. I don't rave about breastfeeding generally, I've just done it because I find it convenient, BUT the one thing it does seem to prevent is tummy bugs.

bigchris Fri 19-May-17 18:30:52

Hope all ok op

musicmomma Fri 19-May-17 18:42:38

Hi everyone thanks for your support! We're pottering along nicely. H has completely come round from whatever it was...

On the plus side the house is completely clean now bed changed disinfected bathroom/kitchen and we've both got our own hand rub as well as antibacterial soap in kitchen and bathroom. Ds seems fine?? Feeding away as usual xx

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