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Aibu to want to be peeved at cms?

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Presleyx Thu 18-May-17 22:55:23

For months now the child maintenance service have been trying to contact ex partner. He doesn't answer he ignores letters. I spoke to a lovely gentleman the other week who said he could see it was going g no where and even once they sent out a calculation he would probably not pay so he was putting a request in to hmrc to get work details ready for a deductions to earnings order. When j called back last week they said they had he's earnings it's been calculated at 52 pounds per month they are just sending him another letter that they legally have to do and would contact me back. Today I got a call from my case worker she told me it had been calculated at 27 pounds per month and he is due to pay by direct pay on the first of June. I asked why so low is he no longer working she told me she couldn't tell me that I asked has he answered to them then she said she couldn't tell me that! I then said well I was given a completely different calculation the other week so all I can presume is he's told you he's lost he's job? She said just wait untill you get the letter. Just logged in online they have took it on the tax year 2012 yet I was already told they had last year's tax income by the previous gentleman. Can I despite this? The woman seemed rather uninterested and unhelpful when she called she was bloody frustrating normally they are lovely and tell me what's been happening.

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