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To think Trump is the biggest drama queen ever?

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refusetobeasheep Thu 18-May-17 22:00:49

I've moved from being concerned to just open mouthed about the pure egoism of the man. the biggest witch hunt ever? can anything to do with him ever be small?
I can only assume thAt as he inherited wealth, he's always been able to walk away from criticism (its wrong, so wrong) and never had to justify himself. if he was a CEO of a public company he would have had to answer for his actions, but as he headed up private companies (where it didn't actually matter if he was shit as any loss could be absorbed) , I'm thinking he is incapable of taking criticism and doesn't get that now shouting and walking away is not an option!
It really has just turned shock

ludothedog Thu 18-May-17 22:05:35

Its been very clear for a long time that Trump does not have the emotional maturity, resilience or personality to be president. I'm still astounded that anyone voted for him.

I may take a bet on how much longer he will be in office.

BuckinghamLass Thu 18-May-17 22:07:44

I agree with you, he's always had people jumping to his every demand. It's turned him into a megalomanic. I really hope this Russia thing plays out to the end and he ends his years in disgrace.

Topseyt Thu 18-May-17 22:34:28

Trump is the biggest arse ever elected to the office of POTUS.

Also, his grasp of reality and historical fact is tenuous at best.

I don't think he is particularly bright. He can't be. He doesn't know when to shut his gob, and seems to believe that Twitter is the tool best suited to conducting his presidency.

MooMooCat Thu 18-May-17 22:38:40

He's a fucking narcissistic Muppet!

nauticant Thu 18-May-17 22:45:03

He's a bully with extremely thin skin, he is corrupt, dishonest, he's got the self-control of a badly behaved toddler, and is a raging narcissist.

The one cause for optimism is that he'll mess up so badly he will discredit the whole concept of privileged anti-elite populists for a generation.

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