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Social care plans in all the manifestos

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featherland Thu 18-May-17 10:42:35

This is a matter close to my heart - DH's parents are in a care home.

Local authority is so stretched they practically legged it when we first asked for help. All PIL's wealth (they've sold their house, possessions) is going to a private company on care costs. DH and I are topping it up - which is crippling us financially, and also severely limiting our career choices.

Can anyone see a way out of this mess?

Tories appear to be offering a means tested model, with last £100k to remain with the family. But how will this be implemented? Who is gong to carry out checks, etc? Where will this funding come from? Who will run the social care? Will it still be private companies? And why do carers earn so little (when we pay so much)?

Labour are proposing a National Care Service, which sounds great but also not sure how it will be funded or how long it will take to implement.

Does anyone have any insights?

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