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AIBU to not want my dd to be friends with someone because of their parent?

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EastMidsMumOf1 Thu 18-May-17 09:42:08

First time poster but been lurking for a while - go easy on me!😊
Theres a lot of back story to this.
I have a childhood friend of 15 years who had a shitty upbringing by an abusive parent, said friend has been smoking weed since she was around 8 years old (we are in our 20s now). We both have dd's a year apart in age, mine being the eldest. We have always remained good friends since we left school but never really met up as such until I moved house around a year ago and ended up round the corner from her. At first it seemed great as my dd loves playing with hers and vice versa but as I started seeing more of her at her house while my dd has been at nursery I realised she severely neglects her child, she smokes weed all day long in the house, forgets to feed/bathe/nappy change her, doesnt bother taking her to nursery aswell as screaming at her non stop, not to mention her poor dd had to have all her teeth removed due to not being brushed! Id contacted NSPCC many a times but SS seem to think shes doing "great" even knowing there are vast amounts of cannabis use. I dont take my dd there but she starts school this year and her dd will be going to the same, which leaves me very little control on who my dd is friends with. Although alot of people will probably say just cut contact its not that easy, my family still talk to her alot and I love her dd to pieces and the thought of her not having a "normal aunty" to run to when shes older to escape from shit at home worries me, not my responsabilty but more of a moral obligation. I just need some guidance on how to handle this situation and if it would be right for me to stop the friendship between our kids without any animosity between us as friends in general.

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