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Telling DP I'm not happy.

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Herbie22 Thu 18-May-17 09:41:10

I'm not happy with DP. I don't want to slag him off but his attitude towards me is making me very unhappy. I don't want DD to be brought up in this environment. I don't think he is abusive. He is however very critical. I have told him I don't like how he speaks to me but he denies he does it and then asks me to give examples and my mind goes blank. This morning I was tempted to leave with DD and move back to my mum's because I was so upset with him. Also he woke up newborn DD up on purpose (tickling her, not being spiteful to me!) and then went to work leaving me dealing with her crying!

thethoughtfox Thu 18-May-17 09:50:03

You need to write them down as they happen or just after. Type them into the notes in your phone. Good luck.

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