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Is anyone awake?

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whyohwhyy Thu 18-May-17 02:22:13

So I'm currently renting my property through a company that owns and rents loads of properties in my area.
I moved into this property in January. With the view to move into one of their smaller houses once it was refurbed. (3 months) now 5 months later I'm still in the original property. I can not afford the rent. It's got too many bedrooms etc. The other property is financially within budget. The landlord are now on my case about the other property. It's not going to be ready for another 8months. I'm falling behind with rent. And I don't know what to do.
Anyone help?
I can't afford to pay another bond and rent in advance. I paid £2200 to move into this shithole house.

runningintothelight Thu 18-May-17 02:25:01

Is there anything in writing about this agreement ?

Borodin Thu 18-May-17 03:12:11

"The landlord are now on my case about the other property" How can they be? You clearly don't rent it and so have no obligation.

I assume the landlord is aware that you rented the current property in anticipation of moving into one of their smaller properties fairly swiftly?

Without any empathy from the owner, I would call the council and ask if they could help. You've been anticipating moving, so it should be less of an upset to move somewhere temporary until next January when you can move into a permanent place and make it your own.

Do you have children or a partner? I'm sorry if you've already said: I can't see your post while I write this. I hope you're not up at 3:00am worrying? It will be fine.

Borodin Thu 18-May-17 03:20:06

Also, your £2,200 should be refundable once your landlord has determined that you haven't trashed the place. You should have to pay rather less to retain a smaller property, so you should be in credit after the move. It would be a mean landlord that gave you trouble about living in another of their properties longer than expected.

Meanwhile, unless you're a man, the council will do all they can to avoid you being a homeless statistic, even for eight months. Don't fret!

whyohwhyy Thu 18-May-17 04:10:53

The £2200 was for the following
£1000 for a deposit against my dog doing any damage.
£600 rent in advance
£600 deposit for myself. Damages etc..

Now the dog when he was a puppy went through a stage of digging. He dug a hole. Maybe 5cm deep. And 30cm long. The landlord has already said he will deduct the £1000 dog deposit as my dog has damaged the garden. However I planted grass seeds and it's all back to normal. He is still keeping the money.
And PP no unfortunately I have nothing in writing. It was word of mouth. Which he hasn't gone back on. It's just taking longer than anticipated.

LurkinMerkin Thu 18-May-17 04:36:05

Hello, my suggestion would be to get to a citizens advice bureau asap to get some support. I'm in Scotland- and a landlord ( a decent one!) and we have a tenancy deposit scheme, where deposits are required by law to be held by an independent free service, to protect both tenant and home owner.

Your landlord has taken advantage of you. £1000 kept because your dog dug a wee hole, which you repaired, is totally disproportionate and I think shows that they need to be managed carefully.

Do you have a written lease and a record of handing over all the money? I'd also suggest that you don't move into any other accommodation provided by these people. Make a plan to leave them and get your deposits back ( providing the place is as you found it when you go- did the landlord give you an inventory, or record the condition of the property when you moved in?)

Is there any family or friends who can help you?


TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 18-May-17 04:44:05

CAB or Shelter. Landlord sounds dodgy as anything. I wonder whether they've put your deposit in a scheme as they're obliged to do.

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