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AIBU to ask friend to refund me for cancelled holiday?

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user1495056632 Wed 17-May-17 22:48:18

Long time lurker, first time poster wondering about her unreasonableness...!

A group of us were due to go away this summer, something that's been helping get me through a pretty horrible year. Someone dropped out for a very legitimate reason and now the main organiser has messaged me to say that various other people don't want to go/can't be bothered , and it looks as though we need to cancel altogether. We were in the process of booking accommodation for everyone but thankfully hadn't received confirmation, however we did get our (non-refundable) flights sorted.

I'm really very annoyed by this; she and anyone else now backing out is choosing to lose their money IMO, whereas I'm not and would happily still have gone once that first person dropped out.

I don't particularly want to go to a country I've never been to by myself, or try and cajole someone else into coming with me (plus, flights have also gone up dramatically in the intervening time). All I want is my money back, which ain't happening sad I am now close to £200 out of pocket, and wondering if I should be asking the person who cancelled the trip to reimburse me (?)

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Wed 17-May-17 22:49:57

How are you £200 down?

StealthPolarBear Wed 17-May-17 22:49:58

I know you say yo don't want t go alone bur could you reconsider? You might have a great time.
It is shit though, I'm sorry.

StealthPolarBear Wed 17-May-17 22:50:27

I think she meant she paid for the flights

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Wed 17-May-17 22:51:36

They cancelled the holiday KNOWING you had paid for your flight???? I'd be fucking furious!

PeaFaceMcgee Wed 17-May-17 22:52:22

angry what a shame and a letdown... But I'm not sure it's reasonable to demand the £200 I'm afraid.

TheWitTank Wed 17-May-17 22:52:45

Can you sell your flight? How much does it cost to change name on the ticket? If you can't sell it I would just go on my own and have a lovely time doing exactly what I wanted!

RuggerHug Wed 17-May-17 22:52:56

If the original canceler had a decent reason I don't think it's fair they have to pay. It is a shit one though, any chance of changing flights to somewhere you would like to go?

KarmaNoMore Wed 17-May-17 22:54:58

If there is anything I miss is being able to travel alone. You can interact more with the locals, decide when and where you want to be without getting into a consensus and you don't need to be stressing about what other people want to do at the precise time you are really enjoying yourself.

It is daunting to start with but once you don't mind eating on your own is absolutely great ( and a very empowering experience)

But no, you can't ask to be reimbursed by your friends I'm afraid.

user1495056632 Wed 17-May-17 22:55:39

first canceller had a good reason, second one not so much! Unfortunately flights are non-refundable, and I can't make any changes to booking :0

SomethingBorrowed Wed 17-May-17 22:56:25

YABU even though I understand it is annoying.
If it was a holiday with just one other person and they cancelled mayne you would have a point, but as it was a group holiday, one person cancelling doesn't really make a difference, and it is not their fault the others decided to cancel as well.

Whack Wed 17-May-17 22:56:51

That's terrible behaviour of them but you can't ask them to pay for it you'd be better off convincing them to go with you. Had they paid for flights too?

Yika Wed 17-May-17 22:56:59

No, you can't ask for her to refund you, sorry.

It's annoying; I really sympathise. I would definitely go alone. Is there some kind of activity holiday at the destination that you could book onto? Sailing, yoga, whatever?

The best revenge on your flaky friends would be to go and enjoy it.

peukpokicuzo Wed 17-May-17 22:57:40

Go by yourself - or if you can manage not to sound too passive-aggressive about it message the whole group and say you need this holiday, have been looking forward to it and will be going anyway whether alone or whatever. I bet one of the others will decide to go too and you can reinvent it as a smaller holiday for two rather than a big group thing.

TheWitTank Wed 17-May-17 22:58:01

Book a nice hotel and go and enjoy yourself! I would (and would relish the peace!). Where are you going? Perhaps some well travelled MNers can help you out with suggestions for hotels and things to do?

SaveMeBarry Wed 17-May-17 22:59:10

The thing is no one person is responsible for cancelling are they? The group has seemingly chosen to cancel due to dwindling numbers. It's shit and I'd be annoyed too but for me it would be a case of lesson learned, I wouldn't make any costly plans with these people again!

I certainly would message the group to say I'm not impressed to be left in the lurch £200 down but I don't see that asking anyone to reimburse you will do anything but cause a falling out. Which is fine if you don't mind falling out with them of course wink but it's unlikely anyone is actually going to reimburse you.

Is it possible someone else also paid for a flight and now won't use it? If so I think you can pay a fee to change the name if you have someone in mind who might like to go.

Yambabe Wed 17-May-17 22:59:45

Assuming that all the others in the group are your friends, and some of them will surely also have already paid for their flights too, can you not just ask around and see if anyone else still wants to go? Then you could book smaller (and possibly cheaper) accommodation to suit however many of you were still interested.

maisybobbins Wed 17-May-17 23:01:36

I would definitely go alone too. You can't reasonably ask your friends to pay up and you can't get a refund on your flight. The only reasonable course of action is to sod it and go!

Vanillamanilla1 Wed 17-May-17 23:04:05

How many of them had booked the flight ? Or was it just you ?

CoolioAndTheGang Wed 17-May-17 23:04:28

I would go. Bring some good books/music and book somewhere central with a view. It will be lovely. Don't let them ruin your holiday. flowers

Goldfishjane Wed 17-May-17 23:06:28

Are they all £200 down? I'm just thinking, can you talk anyone back into it?

fabulous01 Wed 17-May-17 23:06:53

I don't think I would go unless I wanted Tia's it is extra spending on hotel food etc
See it as learning . A hard lesson though

user1495056632 Wed 17-May-17 23:08:29

I think only four of us had booked out of a potential eight, so that leaves the organiser plus three with flights

228agreenend Wed 17-May-17 23:09:23

Is the £200 your share of the flight cost, or have you paid the deposit for everyone?

If th deposit,for everyone, then everyone on the trip,should reimburse you their percentage of the cost. Ie. If four of,you were going, they should each reimburse you 25%.

However, if the £200 was for,your flight only, then that's more tricky. Has everyone lost £200 equally?

alphajuliet123 Wed 17-May-17 23:10:01

Do the others know you still want to go? Even if one other person is still up for it you can just sort accom. If not, I agree with others, go anyway. It might be daunting but you'll love it!

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