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To cancel this window firm quoting a job only with husband present?

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Beachhairdontcare Wed 17-May-17 20:59:48

So a nice chap knocked on the door, currently fitting new windows for neighbour. He noticed that our windows could do with replacing, we were in fact only discussing this recently and intended to look into this in a few months time. He asked if we would like a quick measure up and quote after he finished neighbours job, I said sure why not. He said the office would call to confirm.
Five minutes later I receive a call from the 'diary manager' at the office. He was calling to confirm the appointment, and to also confirm that my husband would be present too. Err no, it's just me I'm afraid. 'Ah well, it's company policy that both home owners are present, so I will call in the morning to confirm a time when you are both likely to be home'.
AIBU to tell him to do one? Or is this normal practice? Sounds to me like they intend to do a hard sell and want to ensure they get a signature. AIBU to be annoyed that they assume only my husband can make big decisions regarding our finances?!

Suttonmum1 Wed 17-May-17 21:01:36

Ditch them. Recently had a no of window quotes done with long standing local companies. No one asked if husband would be there.

Ariawyn Wed 17-May-17 21:02:24

I hadon't one of these, they want to quote with husband there so you sign on theBay day

Tell the to fuck off

Sparklingbrook Wed 17-May-17 21:03:12

It is normal practice.

Ariawyn Wed 17-May-17 21:03:17


Damn stupid autocorrect

We went local in the end

Ariawyn Wed 17-May-17 21:03:42

It's not normal, it's a controlling sales technique

Madwoman5 Wed 17-May-17 21:04:35

Bin them. I get this all the fecking time as if I cannot make a decision to purchase without him! Pick your own company and ask for a quote, not a sales pitch

ExplodedCloud Wed 17-May-17 21:05:28

It's step 1 of the hard sell.

Graceflorrick Wed 17-May-17 21:05:35

Bin them!

Sparklingbrook Wed 17-May-17 21:05:52

A controlling sales technique that is common practice. You just say no.

If I was getting a double glazing quote I would want DH here though TBH.

Storminateapot Wed 17-May-17 21:06:13

Is it Zenith? Tell them to get lost, we had one round and he was here for 2 hours. Quick quote my arse. We told him we only wanted a quote & weren't in a position to buy immediately, my DH walked out of the room after the first hour. I had to throw the guy out eventually as I needed to do the school run. They never even quoted in the end. Don't go there.

zzzzz Wed 17-May-17 21:06:34

It would be a "no thanks then" from me.

ShatnersBassoon Wed 17-May-17 21:06:42

Yeah, bollocks to them. They can only put the hard sell, 'now or never price' act on when you can't say you'll have to check with someone else before signing.

BasinHaircut Wed 17-May-17 21:06:54

Was it safestyleUK. We had one of their guys come round to quote us once and the guy literally wouldn't speak to me, even when I asked a question he directed he answer at DH. I asked him to leave in the end.

KatoPotato Wed 17-May-17 21:06:58

It's to ensure you can't easily back out by claiming you must consult your partner, avoid

Goldfishjane Wed 17-May-17 21:07:04

Thy did say "both homeowners"

I'd be tempted to get your DH to call and see if they'll fix an appointment without you.....

topcat2014 Wed 17-May-17 21:08:05

Go with a local firm on recommendation.

These spivs do that, so that you can't use the excuse "DH wasn't in and he doesn't agree".

As it happens, DW chose our windows and patio door without me - she's better at negotiating!!

JoWithABow Wed 17-May-17 21:08:08

It's because loads of people say 'I need to run it past my husband/wife' isn't it. Don't think it's sexist as maybe they'd have said the same to your husband if he tried to book. You should get your husband to call up and see if they let him make an appointment without you just out of interest

But agree, sounds like they are out to pressurise you. Are you sure they really were fitting neighbours windows? And what's with a diary manager?

RNBrie Wed 17-May-17 21:08:21

Did you ask where exactly he was working at the moment? Cause that was almost certainly a lie as well.... It's all a tactic, as is the having both of you present. It's so you can't use talking to your other half as an excuse not to sign immediately. Do not engage with this company!! Do your research and get quotes from firms you contact.

TroysMammy Wed 17-May-17 21:08:53

Are you South Wales OP? I had the same, I tore them off a strip citing they could be asking that question to a widow or someone who was separated/divorced and why can't women deal with things by themselves?

BettySmut Wed 17-May-17 21:09:35

My mate had no end of shit from Safestyle over this. Her husband works long hours and weekends but they wouldn't have it despite her telling them that she would be making the decision.

They harassed her by phone for weeks and wouldn't be told that they could not see the two of them together.

I'd find a few local firms to give you a quote.

BackforGood Wed 17-May-17 21:10:47

It is very common practice, but one that would mean they wouldn't get my business - and I'd be quite clear with them why.

Ruhrpott Wed 17-May-17 21:12:08

Bin them we had dunraven round and they insisted DH was there too. Thought inwpuödmhave to call the police to get him to leave. It was awful.

Local recommended guy came round, no mention of husband, gave a quote and left us to decide in peace. They did a great job.

Beachhairdontcare Wed 17-May-17 21:13:58

No, not any of the companies mentioned on here and not in Wales, we are in London. I saw them fitting the windows at neighbours house, so they weren't just door to door as it were, they were carrying out a job and the windows looked pretty good.
I can only assume a diary manager calls to ensure that their lead has the best possible shot at getting a sale.
I will sack them off. Cheeky fuckers.

Littleraincloud Wed 17-May-17 21:16:09

We had issues with safestyle too refusing to speak to me without dh. I told them they'd have to wait til me husband got home from t'pit and I'd put his dinner on'table before they called round. I'm Yorkshire, I have a broad accent, I don't need to be called "love" every other word.

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