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Aibu spitting image

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Dianneabbottsmathsteacher Wed 17-May-17 19:10:47

Those of us old enough to remember? The Maggie sketch with the vegetables 'they will have what I have' grin

Wish back today would love to see what they would do with May, Corbyn and Trump grin

BollardDodger Wed 17-May-17 19:13:12

They'd have a field day these days

jayho Wed 17-May-17 19:14:39

If lib Dems we're in charge would have all gone to pot..

Asmoto Wed 17-May-17 19:14:44

Oh, yes, that one was a classic! They could have had amazing fun with Trump especially.

I always remember Dennis Healey's snowing eyebrows grin.

Is there a 'bring back Spitting Image' petition we could sign?

RandomMess Wed 17-May-17 19:15:10

It was great, I remember Major getting ever greyer...

NancyDonahue Wed 17-May-17 19:18:52

I loved Spitting Image. John Major and his wife were brilliant. It totally needs to be brought back!

disastrouslee Wed 17-May-17 19:19:50

It was amazing. Thanks for the reminder, I'll have to seek out some DVDs.

Ifailed Wed 17-May-17 19:22:01

It wouldn't be allowed now, could you imagine the outrage from the papers if a TV show started taking the piss out of the saintly Tories?

DJBaggySmalls Wed 17-May-17 19:22:54

Peas.....I love peas...

Chesntoots Wed 17-May-17 19:29:41

You can find episodes on YouTube.... We were talking about it at work the other day. Most of my early political education was from Spitting Image. If it hadn't been for that programme I would never have recognised any politician. Even now, they are the ones I remember most easily - "Little David Steele" anyone?!

Dianneabbottsmathsteacher Wed 17-May-17 19:29:58

Oh yes peas Norma grin

Wasn't one of the Tory front bench a slug? Can't think who that was?

Also the royal family Fergied laugh snd Edward being useless. grin

Wasn't Edwina Curry a vampire? grin

Dianneabbottsmathsteacher Wed 17-May-17 19:31:16

Going to watch some u Tube tonight and revive memories grin

Asmoto Wed 17-May-17 19:36:10

Little David Steele - yes - tucked into David Owen's breast pocket grin.

Okite Wed 17-May-17 19:40:09

Think the slug was the minister in charge of education but his name escapes me at the moment

RustyBear Wed 17-May-17 19:45:10

The slug was Kenneth Baker (Minister for Education, responsible for inset days, known for years as Baker days)

There have been rumours of a remake, but I'm not sure how much substance there is in them.

SweetChickadee Wed 17-May-17 19:50:16

Fergie putting her freckles on with a can of brown spray paint and a colander grin

Gingernaut Wed 17-May-17 19:58:32

A few sketches that stick in my mind

John Major takes acid "Look at all the shades of grey"

The "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" sequence recreating the scene from "Cabaret" with politicians' puppets standing in for the original actors

The scientist discovering that Margaret Thatcher is indeed an Alien - she transforms into one and destroys him

And the real, actual, Sting singing a reworked version of "Every Breath You Take" after being asked for permission and really liking the idea.

NickAngel Wed 17-May-17 20:01:17

Roger Moore's eyebrow range
Chicken song
The Queen Mum and Gordon's.
Loved spitting image- does anyone remember their exhibition in Covent Garden?

FreeSpiritJen Wed 17-May-17 20:02:10

Maggie goes into the hairdressers (on one episode) and says 'give me a universally popular haircut,' and the hairdresser cuts off her head! 😂

Remember 'I've never met a nice south african?' 🤣

Chesntoots Wed 17-May-17 20:07:30

There is a man at work from South Africa and that is all that is what went through my head the first time he spoke (and each time ever since....)

Gingernaut Wed 17-May-17 20:08:30

The Atheist Tabernacle Choir, Santa Claus is on the Dole, The Chicken Song......young'uns these days; they have no idea about political satire. Sigh

jayho Wed 17-May-17 20:08:47

Bdays, fnar

gren Wed 17-May-17 20:23:18

Just listened to John Lloyd - writer - on desert island discs. Really interesting.

Politicians got more upset about their big nose etc than their character assassination 😂

FurryLittleTwerp Wed 17-May-17 20:26:04

It was hilarious grin

Maudlinmaud Wed 17-May-17 20:28:57

I loved spitting image. Princess Di and Fergie ok ya

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