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That everyone should be allowed a bad mood?

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Moodymcmoodface Wed 17-May-17 17:28:01

NC for this.

I'm really not in a very good mood at all today. Probably hormone related and everything just seems so hard to achieve!
I've spent the day cleaning because everything just had dog hair and dust on it but it doesn't seem to look any different, and the dog..... If I trip over him once more I think I'll cry!

Dbf has been round and I did say I'm not in a great mood, and probably best left to grumble my mood out myself, to be given a lecture on how I 'should' be happy, how I 'shouldn't' be in a bad mood (different when he's bloody tired on hungry though!) And how I should just 'snap out of it' .

I think once in a while, everyone has bad moods and that it's perfectly normal and his lecture has just pissed me off all the more!
Surely everyone is allowed the occasional off day and bad mood? Does anyone not have one?

justkeepswimmingg Wed 17-May-17 18:04:18

Oh yeah, for sure OP. Everyone's entitled to have a bad day, YANBU. I think we should be allowed a day off, to ourselves, to mope around. Where can we sign up for this?! Treat yourself to a cuppa, and some cake brewcake.

MissionItsPossible Wed 17-May-17 18:12:27

YANBU but some people do this not to be annoying or unhelpful - they actually think they are helping. Just be firmer next time and if they continue to try and "pick you up" tell them to leave.

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