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...To ask for help drafting this letter

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Whosthebestbabainalltheworld Wed 17-May-17 12:21:15

A childcare worker in my DD's creche has applied for a job working with SN children and has asked me to write her a reference. I don't know where to start. She's really good so I want to do my best for her.

AIBU to ask for some hhheeeeelllllppppp!

MuggaTea Wed 17-May-17 12:24:41

I start by brainstorming.

what are her good qualities?


then try to think of examples that illustrate these qualities.

By now you may have a jumbled list of ideas, but you can try to weave together into a statement

make sure you start the reference with a quick sentence on how you know her.

MTBMummy Wed 17-May-17 12:25:14

There are templates on line for this sort of thing, but basically start with I worked with X in Y position form date to date.

Then list her attributes, she was always punctual, showed great enthusiasm for..., never shyed away from a challenge...

Then end with I would have no hesitation in recommending X for the role of Y.

Hope that helps

Whosthebestbabainalltheworld Wed 17-May-17 12:30:09

Thanks. I had a look at the templates and they're a bit "American" IYSWIM. Will try the brainstorming and see how I go.

senua Wed 17-May-17 12:31:51

Why are you writing the reference instead of the employer?

BiddyPop Wed 17-May-17 12:34:53

Be factual in "I have known X in a professional setting since Y time".

THink of useful attributes for the role she's looking for (responsible, caring, calm, organized, ...) and how you can illustrate seeing her show those in action.

If anyone wants to follow up, are you willing to take a phonecall or have an email conversation about her? Add that to the end too, and suitable contact details.

And something to close about having no hesitation in recommending for this role and wishing her well in her endeavours (or maybe slightly less twee!).

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 17-May-17 12:35:37

As Senua says - why has she asked you to write the letter rather than the employer? It may be as innocent as that they need 2 and have only ever worked there. Or does your child have SN similar to the children she'll be working with. Please be aware you can be sued for giving negligent references.

If it is a personal reference how long have you actually known her?

Most places will ask for the referees' details and then contact you direct with the questions they want answered.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Wed 17-May-17 13:13:07

When I've been asked to act as a referee, there has been a form to fill in, so he sort of questions asked are about length of time you've known the person and in what capacity, does s/he have good relationships with team members, reliable, good time keeper, etc.

If it's a personal reference though, you could comment on what you have observed about the person in the context of the workplace, how you have noticed her interaction with the children and her manner towards the them- caring, enthusiastic, friendly, responsible, observant, aware.

You could finish by saying you would recommend her for any post connected with children. If it's for children with SEN, then all those qualities will be invaluable.

It must be truthful and accurate of course..

Whosthebestbabainalltheworld Wed 17-May-17 14:08:56

I think maybe she asked as she needs one for the application and obviously can't ask her employer (who will then know she's trying to jump ship).

Thanks for all the replies though, I've an idea where to go (and where not to)


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