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Temporary nursery?

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Charlieandthechocolatecake Wed 17-May-17 04:14:04

This is definitely not an AIBU post but I'm posting for traffic.

My aunt is in the later stages of terminal lung cancer. She is 47.

My aunt lives 7 doors away from my nan who is 78.

My nan has become my aunt's carer despite the fact that my aunt was my nan carer before the cancer.

My nan fell over 2 days ago and will not be released from hospital unless she has somebody to care for her.

I have an amazing family. We all look after each other.

My younger sister is going to London tomorrow to care for my nan for 8 weeks whilst my aunt's children care for my aunt.

My sister has a 2 year old who has just started nursery. Will she be able to send him to the local nursery while she is there?
She isn't working at the moment and has recently separated from her partner.

I live in Bristol and will be going to London to help out for a few days in 2 weeks when OH has time off work. I will go to London again in the 6 weeks holidays to help out during the week (I work weekends).

Everybody is doing their best but I don't want DN to miss out on time with his peers if necessary.

And advice would be gratefully received.

Charlieandthechocolatecake Wed 17-May-17 04:17:59

Also, we would prefer to have only family care for my nan and aunt because of the reputation of carers. I have worked in the care sector so I've been in contact with terrible carers and we don't feel like it's worth the trouble when we can do everything with family alone. I'd just like to know if my sister can put my nephew in nursery while she's in London.

HeyCat Wed 17-May-17 05:22:11

It will totally depend on the nursery. It's not like schools where you're entitled to a place.

A lot of nurseries in London have massive waiting lists, so you need to contact them asap to see if they have a space available, what their fees are, and whether they would be willing to take a child for such a short time.

A lot of the better nurseries will refuse, as temporary places are disruptive (new children take up a lot of time) and they'll have other children on their waiting list who'll be there long term.

You'd be better off looking for a childminder as they're usually more flexible. The council will have a list of registered childminders in the area.

HSMMaCM Wed 17-May-17 08:47:54

She might be able to get a temporary nanny, who can stay at her house and take the child to the normal nursery, or travel with her and take the child to toddler groups, parks etc.

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