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Fantastic Oven Cleaners damaged my property WWYD?

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Koala101 Tue 16-May-17 18:02:42

We are trying to rent out our flat and used fantastic oven cleaners to clean the oven prior to tenants moving in. The man that camecleaned the grills by the sink and splashed the solvent on the walls near the sink and this dissolved the paintwork.
I complained to the company and they sent the same cleaner to check the damage which he agreed was caused by the solvent. He then sent a report back denying all reponsibility (outright lied compared to what was discussed when he visited) and they refused to compensate us for the damage. They have given us a token credit of £49 to use in the future. Has anyone any experience of taking a small business like this to court for the for damages?

Thanks in advance!

icanteven Tue 16-May-17 18:50:59

What is the cost of repair/repainting the area? Tin of dulux? I would be inclined to suck it up and repaint, but also leave a very negative review on Google etc. That hurts a business more, and causes you far less stress and anxiety.

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