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Straightouttabrompton Tue 16-May-17 15:14:57

Which of these do you prefer and why? Do you think they are good buys?

Today 14:54 Straightouttabrompton

Giraffe31 Tue 16-May-17 15:20:40

I prefer number 3 easily, the size of the living space and kitchen and 2 bathrooms wins it for me. Number one doesn't have a 'living space' as such. It really depends on what your priorities are and what you are prepared to compromise on. I can't comment on whether they're a good buy or not, i live in the north where house prices are considerably lower

Kintan Tue 16-May-17 15:23:47

One's in Camden, the other in East Finchley - which area do you prefer as they are pretty different. I think the Camden one looks better value. I've lived in both places and liked each area for different reasons. What are your criteria?

Birdsgottaf1y Tue 16-May-17 15:48:01

The third one, in terms of living space/layout.

I'm a non-Londoner, I love Camden and have walked past the other flat, late at night, going back to my Hotel and have always felt safe around there and like the area.

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