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grrr... ambulance chasing lawyers

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Var1234 Tue 16-May-17 10:30:35

I've just had another one of those calls where the caller tells me that they've received a report that I have been in a car accident that is not my fault. (I haven;t been in any accident at all, just for the record).
They really give me the rage! I'll be getting on with every day stuff and suddenly I have to answer the phone, only to find out its just some company that has some random number dialling business.

Last time, not today, and on a different number, I pretended that I had indeed had an accident only 10 mins previously. I kept thanking them for reassuring me that it wasn't my fault. I quickly got put through to a supervisor who would process my details. I could tell the operator was excited to have found me. Basically I wasted their time for about 5 minutes. They were quite irritated with me, but I've had no further calls on that number.

BollardDodger Tue 16-May-17 10:38:00

Well, I have been involved in an accident and I haven't received any calls!

Var1234 Tue 16-May-17 12:35:17

an accident,^ that wasn't your fault^?!

Just be pleased that they haven't got your number on some database somewhere. I go to ridiculous lengths to always find and check the box that says no marketing whenever i buy anything online, but yet they've still managed to get hold of my phone number for their spam lists.

Allthebestnamesareused Tue 16-May-17 13:14:36

I always ask "Did I die?"

ThouShallNotPass Tue 16-May-17 13:19:57

These calls give me the rage. I am registered with TPS and as such it's illegal for U.K. Companies to cold call. This means, unless I have given indication that I would like a call concerning their service they should not be calling.
Unfortunately they get around this by using foreign "survey" companies who call and ask a load of different questions (like washer brand or electricity supplier). These companies then sell all the names and numbers to the relevant companies UK marketing depts as if it's you giving permission. it happened to me once when I got sick of refusing to answer the very heavily Indian accented Rachels, Peters, Sharons and Jonathans who kept calling up to a dozen times a day sometimes for months. I decided to give them negative answers to every question. "Car? Don't drive. Electricity? Don't use it. Washing machine? I use the river. Telephone (that they called me on)? Nope. Don't have one.

My mistake. They sold my answers to every company they could think of.
Ambulance chasers were the worst, INSISTING that I had had an accident when I hadn't. Eventually I dragged one out, agreeing. Then asked how much compo would I get for the stubbed toe...

They weren't impressed.

ShotsFired Tue 16-May-17 13:33:00

It works even better when you mention that Dave, John and Barry were also in the car and also very injured - lots of rehab and physio needed and they have not yet recovered.

String it out as long as you can before finally revealing they are your dogs/cats/bunnies, whatever.

It's quite fun seeing how long you can get them going for.

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