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To telephone the principal.

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cherryberrymum Tue 16-May-17 09:18:09

My son has ASD and attends an SLD school. However he has been reassessed and his placement is. I longer appropriate so we have agreed with EA that he should be moved and at the meeting we had with them in March we nominated the school we wanted. We all agreed it was the most appropriate placement and the education officer told us he would submit forms asap. (We had been to the chosen school the day before and were assured in a "between u and I manner " at that point there was a space for son.

This morning I got a copy of his revised statement through the post along with a letter asking us what school we wanted to choose and they would try to place him there. I tried calling the education board but the lad in need to speak to is out all day. WIBU to call the chosen school and ask the head if she has had any papers regarding son?

This school is small and places are few.

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