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Which job to go for...

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superheroslug Tue 16-May-17 07:12:52

So I know I am in a lucky position to have options, but after a year of spreadsheets and can diagrams trying to figure out where we live (to leave the big smoke or not) we had made a decision and are mid way through selling/buying. All good. Had also decided to try for DC3.

DH has a good job but I am main earner. I'm doing well career wise and am in quite a senior role but for various reasons I am now facing a couple of career choices which have bamboozled me:

1. Job in new area, slightly less interesting but will be new skill and good prospects to move companies/promotion. Probably more steady/manageable in terms of home/work balance.

2. Promotion in a new area, one I am familiar with, but job is in the US.

3. Stay in current team, take bigger role. No promotion but more pay. Not sure this enhances my cv but doesn't help or hinder next career move. More demand in time and some tricky people.

4. Stay in current role, couple of projects end over the next year so look to move to new role then (and hopefully coincide with maternity).

So 4 was my plan but other options are exciting and terrifying. Pre kids me would have jumped at US but it feels a really big deal to move my family away from GPs/ friends/ childcare they are family with. I had also been feeling so relieved to get over all the 'what shall we do' thinking and now it's up in the air! Nice problem to have and I'm very grateful but what would you wise Mumsnet Tera do ?

featherland Tue 16-May-17 07:51:12

3 or 4. You are already changing a lot - new home, new baby. The time for making a massive career change is probably in a couple of years.

As exciting as the U.S. Is, it's a tough place to live long term unless you are very rich. And personally I wouldn't want to move my family anywhere as migrants while trump is in charge - too volatile. Also, U.S. Maternity leave is not very good so it might be bad timing for you.

New job in new area is too many what ifs I think.

So, go with your original plan i would say! It's really hard to give up career options in favour of family. But it sounds like you've made the decision to grow your family so that has to be priority for the next few years

HicDraconis Tue 16-May-17 08:04:26

I would discount #2. The US isn't a great place to be looking to move at the moment with the unsettled and uncertain politics. I'd also be wary of trying to have children while there as even with insurance the copays tend to the thousands. Unless your new role is $$$$ anyway.

#3 - bigger role and more pay = may be better for your maternity package? Not sure whether the extra money is enough to compensate for the likely longer hours and people you have to deal with. Benefit is of course that it's your current team so in an environment you know. Personally - depending on the trickiness of the people and the extra hours - it would have to be a decently large salary increase before I'd consider this option.

Which leaves #1 - good home life balance and new transferable skill for your CV. Or #4 - the known, and you can time your projects with TTC.

I'd go for #1 as new skills are always a bonus and suck up the lower interest at work with balanced better home-life balance and the thought that it is temporary, will enhance my CV for future more interesting jobs.

V easy to give an opinion when they aren't my options! I had a similar situation - to stay where I was, to move somewhere else for what might have been a trickier job, or promotion in my current area but abroad. I moved abroad with my family (NZ not US though).

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