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Said i would go with friend to doctor this morn

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Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:38:10

But overslept! I feel awful...

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:41:07

Any idea how I can make it up to him?

welovepancakes Mon 15-May-17 10:41:19

That's really not great, if your friend was relying on you for support. It would have been simple enough to set your alarm to ensure you were on time. If I were your friend, I'd be pretty upset with you, TBH, although I might not say so to your face. Can you jump in a taxi now?

welovepancakes Mon 15-May-17 10:44:15

All you can do is grovel big time & acknowledge that he relied on you and you let him down. Don't play it down. If anything, be over the top in your apology, so that he can be the one who says "Hey it's OK, these things happen"

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:45:00

Oh shit. We only made plans to do it late last night, we live together. I was up late working and only woke up just after (it was an early morning appt).

CocoLoco87 Mon 15-May-17 10:45:01

Meet him for lunch to catch up on how the appt went?

NannyR Mon 15-May-17 10:47:40

That's not great. As the pp said, setting an alarm isn't that difficult and the appointment must have been something important or worrying for him if he had asked for your support.

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:49:22

It was for a potential cosmetic surgery procedure

MyWhatICallNameChange Mon 15-May-17 10:49:35

If you live together why didn't he wake you?

Pinkheart5917 Mon 15-May-17 10:49:47

Not great at all. I don't think "I over slept" is a good excuse coming from an adult, presumably you own an alarm clock?

All you can do is apologise as you did say you'd go but well over slept

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:52:08

Don't know why he didn't wake me but that's not the point, it was very spur of the moment and decided on last night. I work in a stressful job and happened to be working from home today.

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:52:34

Yes I own an alarm clock hmm I never over sleep, my phone died in the night

welovepancakes Mon 15-May-17 10:52:46

Additional info changes my view. If it was only arranged last night, doesn't sound so important to have moral support. If you live together, he could easily have woken you up. Still, some apology / grovelling required

AnnieAnoniMouse Mon 15-May-17 10:53:26

Not great, no. Use your alarm, even if you don't think you'll need it.

However, he could have woken you & it was for a possible cosmetic procedure, it's not like he was getting results for a possible serious illness. The world will keep turning.

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Mon 15-May-17 10:54:32

Did he still make it? Perhaps he didn't want you there after all. He could have woken if he wanted to.

MyWhatICallNameChange Mon 15-May-17 10:55:00

Well, he could have woken you really. Even if just to confirm what you'd decided very last minute. I don't think you're totally at fault here.

I'd be walking into your bedroom saying "Oi, ya lazy cow, I thought you were coming to the docs with me, get your arse out of bed if you're coming."

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 10:56:38

I have apologised lots and will buy him some choc. We are having dinner together tonight so have said we can siscuss in detail then. And that if I am free for future appointments I will come with. The long and short of it is that what he wants done is not available on NHS so in fairness I wouldn't have been any help. But will discuss as much as he wants later and be here for advice. Not sure what more I can do

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Mon 15-May-17 11:00:58

This is no big deal I feel. He could have woken you. He didn't really need.

Serialweightwatcher Mon 15-May-17 11:07:56

I know you feel rotten but as others have said, if it was so important that you be there, surely he'd have woken you ... these things happen, it doesn't make you a bad person but he could have spoken up. Don't worry about it, sure you will go along to future appointments and be there every step of the way for him

ThouShallNotPass Mon 15-May-17 11:16:29

If it was that important that you went too then he could have knocked on your door. Everyone oversleeps once in a while: don't worry about it. If you're close enough to live together and attend doctors appointments together then a wake up shout should be no big deal right?

NanFlanders Mon 15-May-17 11:23:35

Text him and offer to meet up for lunch?

Helpmeoutpleasee Mon 15-May-17 11:26:52

He's at work and I'm busy working too - we are meetinf for dinner

Justaboy Mon 15-May-17 11:38:01

How did the second respondent to this thread know it was a man?.

Just curious that's all!

Justaboy Mon 15-May-17 11:39:11

Ignore that last bit of waffle bloody PC playing up and owner not a lot better;!!

Polidori Mon 15-May-17 11:40:06

Because post #2 says "him"

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