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Her son causes damage and we get verbally abused for it!

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AnUnhappyStudent Sun 14-May-17 23:26:17

Had an area of garden concreted today (getting a new dog and wanted area we could let him out in and hose clean if necessary). Laid for about 2 hours go outside and find a ball mark and a set of footprints. Only child on the street my DN 12 years old so went to have a word with my sister about it and she hit the roof! Said he had not been out and that I aleays blame her kids for stuff. Told her had been out because we had seen him on the drive. She marches round has a go at me and gets her son to lift feet up saying 'there is no concrete on them' just fuck off. Point out that the tred is exactly same as the foot prints. More abuse and she storms off back into her house. Then texted me about 15 minutes later to say it was him, to get the contractors back and she will pay for it and that there nothing else she can do.
But its not the money its the fact that once again her DS can do no wrong and we have been verbally abused because her son caused damage then lied about it! He has form for this but honestly if he had knocked on the door and told us we would have accepted an apology! WIBU to say yes there is something else you can do, both of you need to apologise?

AnUnhappyStudent Sun 14-May-17 23:28:40

Sorry I have posted this twice!!

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