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Dd2 fractured big toe today- likelihood of going on DofE camp next weekend?

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AstridPeth Sun 14-May-17 18:34:54

One of dd2's mates slammed the door on her foot this morning (both messing around) and after going to minor injuries and being x-rayed they have confirmed that she has fractured her big toe.
Dd has a camp on Sat/Sun. Including orienteering. Dh (who took dd to minor injuries) asked about the possibility of attending the camp and they said that it may well be possible for her to go. I am a bit sceptical as it is a lot of walking. But she really wants to give it a go.
The camp isn't too far (about 30 miles away) so dh could pick her up if needed and we would send her in with enough painkillers to keep her going.
Dh is obviously going to speak to school about it in the morning but AIBU in even thinking that she can do it?
It seems a lot to ask a teenager with a break but the doctors said she could give it a go. She has 5 days before then. What do you think?

Vanannabananna Sun 14-May-17 18:43:27

My husband is d of e lead at his school and he has suggested you ask for a variation form for the expedition. You could ask for. Stations for the 20 conditions for the expedition. The lead person should know which ones to modify.

Vanannabananna Sun 14-May-17 18:43:57

Stations!? Variations.

milliemolliemou Sun 14-May-17 18:51:42

Ask doctor. Ask D of E lead. And if DC is orienteering, she may be just 30 miles away but if she can't continue she'll be miles from anywhere and relying on friends to get her through. Which might tick their boxes (helping colleague) but might hold them up. Broken toe is one thing, shattered toe another

AstridPeth Sun 14-May-17 18:52:31

Thank you so much that is really helpful. Will get dh to ask when he drops her in to school tomorrow.

Onceuponatime21 Sun 14-May-17 18:58:02

Outs self. My DD broke her big toe recently, and she was horse riding and trampolining within 2 days. Definitely depends on the break....

wfrances Sun 14-May-17 19:16:25

when i broke my big toe (as an adult ) i couldn't even wear a shoe for a week and had to walk on my heel/other side of foot couldnt bend it or put any weight on it at all. 13 years later and its still not got normal movement.
is she able to walk on it in now ? the swelling comes later mind ,which makes it worse.

AstridPeth Sun 14-May-17 19:25:25

No she can't walk on it at the moment and is walking on her heel.

Pestilentialone Sun 14-May-17 19:28:21

hiking sticks they work wonders

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