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To realise that the 'back to the 70s' crap from the Tories is just an insurance policy against the tories getting the blame for the coming super economic crisis.

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scaryclown Sat 13-May-17 22:43:41

So May has used her controlling office bully techniques - if we win, its a mandate to 'do what's necessary' hardship and poverty, but if Labour get in, and similar things happen, because of brexit, it will be 'oooh they are taking us back to the 70s' ..

SexTrainGlue Sun 14-May-17 16:00:30

I didn't actually realise the Tories were using the 'back to the 70s' as part of their campaigning (I dinmt follow it in anywhere near as much detail as some posters)

But I thought 'back to the 70s' because I remember the 1970s. Nothing deeper than that.

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