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Is she a dick head or what?

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WhereTheFuckIsElsa Sat 13-May-17 20:59:55

They are both around 5, her boy has ADHD and keeps on hitting my child in particular on the head that fucking pisses me off at every opportunity he gets outside school. I've asked his teacher and he said this doesn't happen at school, probably cause he's calmer there. So at a girl's party this afternoon again he pushed ds towards a table and I told him not to push. She came with a stupid smile on her face telling me boys will be boys and all that.
AIBU or is she a total knob head fucking excusing his stupid behaviour? I think that's what really pisses me off more than anything

It apparently doesn't happen at school so can't complain there but what the fuck do I tell this idiot of a mum next time it happens?

CrochetBelle Sat 13-May-17 21:02:53


You and your buddies need some new material.


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