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Am i being ripped off?!

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Namechangerextrodinaire Fri 12-May-17 19:11:14

Posting for traffic and before i lose my mind angry

I rent a business premises that i pay my electricity through the landlord combined with my rent. I have been requested to pay £50 more per week in energy.

I requested invoices for my electricity bill including meter readings. On receipt of them i went and read my "sub meter" and for several days have taken a reading every day. The meter reading on my invoice from the landlord (not an electricity company) begins 17##### , on my sub meter i have 2 readings available rate 1 and rate 2. Rate 1 reading starts with 06#### and the night rate 09#### which do not correspond with the 1 reading on my invoice at all. It states on the invoice that i have used 19600 day units over 91 days and i have used 18000 night units. From reading my sub meter over the last few days on average it is 75 units on the day rate and 3 using the night units.

I have spoken to the landlord office who have told me they have always billed this way and that i am benefitting from the off peak units and they calculate it differently. They confirmed that when the meter is read they read the main meter at the unit not the sub meters.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

AIBU to tell my landlord to piss off?

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