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About this trip?

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MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 16:48:40

My child's class is going on a school trip in the town a mile and a half up the road. I know it doesn't sound far but I use the before school and after school club so I won't be able to drop off / pick up in that town.

The school are saying, no problem, my child can stay in another class for the day and do some topic work.

AIBU to think the school is being unfair and it's their responsibility to make sure the children of working parents aren't penalised?

NavyandWhite Fri 12-May-17 16:55:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wolfiefan Fri 12-May-17 16:58:49

So they need to be taken to the town rather than dropped off and picked up at school?
Your child shouldn't be left behind. Can't someone else help you or can't you change your times slightly for that one day?

Floralnomad Fri 12-May-17 16:59:07

It does seem a bit unfair but can you not arrange for another parent to take the child that day ? I would imagine that the cost of transport would make the trip too expensive to do .

harderandharder2breathe Fri 12-May-17 16:59:23

They're going on a trip but haven't arranged transport? Very odd!

Yanbu if that's the case, the school should provide transport or at least make arrangements for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to gi

BaldricksTrousers Fri 12-May-17 17:00:05

I find it really odd that the school aren't arranging transport. Ours hires a coach for places beyond walking distance. It's not very fair, yanbu

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:01:11

I don't really like relying on other parents as I can't return the favour.

Trips to the local town tend to be drop offs by parents as it is no different to dropping off at school really.

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:02:41

I just don't want my son to miss out - he loves this topic (Water) and they're going to look at the river and its surroundings.

Kokusai Fri 12-May-17 17:05:41

Maybe you could ask another parent to drop off, and you arrange to leave work early and pick both up? Or vice versa

BarbarianMum Fri 12-May-17 17:05:57

Well your choices are: ask for help, take time off, he stays behind at school.

I guess the school isn't arranging transpirt because of the astronomical costs.

NavyandWhite Fri 12-May-17 17:06:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NavyandWhite Fri 12-May-17 17:06:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

robinia Fri 12-May-17 17:06:23

The school should make arrangements for any that can't be dropped off in town.
It's discrimination to say your dc has to be left behind.

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:06:34

I guess so, I just really hate asking favours.

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:11:33

Yes - the children are picked up and dropped off at a designated spot.
I understand the coach cost is massive when everyone except me can sort transport out.

Are you saying the school should pay for a taxi robinia? Or maybe a teacher could drive DS?

SecretFreebirther Fri 12-May-17 17:12:51

Could a teacher take him with them?

Notso Fri 12-May-17 17:13:52

Have you spoken to ASC to see if they can help?

Wolfiefan Fri 12-May-17 17:14:00

Teachers may well not be insured to drive children in their cars. Possible safeguarding issue too.

Sparklingbrook Fri 12-May-17 17:14:17

When mine were in First school and there was this scenario a teacher would drive them.

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:14:44

Yes - I'll ask the teacher. I'll point out that it's their responsibility as they organised it.

CrochetBelle Fri 12-May-17 17:15:02

Eh? If ours had a trip a mile and a half away, they would walk there together after morning register confused

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:17:17

Country roads smile

CaulkheadNorth Fri 12-May-17 17:17:50

I'm assuming that they are v young or it's not a safe walk for children that age (ie just busy road between towns) and that's why they aren't travelling from school together.

If I was you, I'd ask another parent or a friend to drop him off. Could you have a child round to play at the weekend if you need to feel you're reciprocating somehow?

MyDressIsBold Fri 12-May-17 17:20:04

They're Y3 smile

Many of the class live in the town.

I guess a playdate at the weekend is a fair trade - will get on that.

Thanks for advice - feeling less stressed!

SoulAccount Fri 12-May-17 17:23:56

I really do not think another parent would begrudge helping out.

And...yes, you can return a favour - have their child for tea at the weekend, or something. Or give them a box of chocs to say 'thanks'.

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