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AIBU to expect more transparency in the UK justice system

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Tapandgo Fri 12-May-17 14:34:10

Yesterday 3 women appeared in court accused of being Britain's first all femail terror gang, allegedly plotting to commit knife murders in Westminster.

Two of the women were in burkas - covering their faces and bodies head to toe, and the third was in a niqab.

I cannot believe these burka clad women were allowed will be allowed to appear before judge and jury with their features obscured. Surely this is against the principles of fairness, transparency and equality that is supposed to underpin our justice system.

I've only been in court as a juror, and would have been very unhappy if I could not see the defendants faces.
I wonder if only Muslim women are to be allowed to have their faces obscured - I could see it catching on, given the number of people who go in and out of court with their faces covered in fear of cameras outside.
If found guilty at trial - will they be able to wear these costumes in prison? Surely a nightmare scenario for prison staff.

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