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to be annoyed and not proceed purchasing?

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AteRiri Thu 11-May-17 21:10:17

I needed the size guide of a jacket I am thinking of buying. I checked the website, and I couldn't find it. Found some sites that sell that jacket but the size guide they have is generic.

I emailed the store to request for the size guide and the reply was:

"This information should be available on our website!"

Well it's either not there, or I didn't see it. But surely there's a better way of handling customer inquiries?

user1491572121 Fri 12-May-17 05:22:11

Email back and say "I did, it's useless and I want the measurements please"

Then if they don't help, give them a bad review on their social media.

Happyfeet1972 Fri 12-May-17 05:33:58

I agree OP. I'd email them back and tell them why I'd be buying it elsewhere.

PotahtoPotayto Fri 12-May-17 05:47:54

To be frank I don't think emailing them back is going to be of much use. The customer service rep in this instance doesn't seem to care much about customer service, and telling him/her that you'll be taking your business elsewhere will probably not concern him/her one bit.

Leave them a bad review on social media if you feel is necessary, and move on. No point going back and forth IMO.

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