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To think there must be a way to work around this?

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MsMarvel Thu 11-May-17 20:08:35

I'm hitting a total brick wall just now and struggling to find a solution.

I currently rent from a private housing association , and up until today, had use of an allocated parking space.

Last week I got a request to take in my V5 form to confirm the car that I use in my space.

I have a company car which is leased, so neither I or my employers hold V5 or similar.

I got a letter from my employers, stating that I use that car, and reside at this address, but thats not enough apparently.

So I am now not allowed to use my parking space because I don't technically own my car.

AIBU to think that having a company car or a lease car isn't that unusual, and that there should be a way around this??

IAmTheWorwax Thu 11-May-17 20:09:53

Have you rang them and explained the situation? That sounds ridiculous!

MsMarvel Thu 11-May-17 20:13:40

I went into the office in person and tried to explain the situation. Explained that it is my car for personal use, not a work vehicle etc etc but got told it was a V5 form or nothing.

I understand why they need to verify cars in each space to stop people sub letting their parking spot, but there must be some allowance /alternative surely.

IAmTheWorwax Fri 12-May-17 07:45:41

There definitely should be. I'd take it to the next level of management.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Fri 12-May-17 07:51:59

Ludicrous. Can you see if DVLA can provide something? Suppose it'll only say lease company though.

araiwa Fri 12-May-17 07:54:18

speak to someone more senior who isn't an idiot

LurkingHusband Fri 12-May-17 08:54:18

A V5 isn't proof of ownership for a start. Merely states the registered keeper. There is no excuse for even the dimmest person not to know this as it says it in big letters on the front.

For a finish, don't lease cars have the V5 in the lessors name ? Otherwise all the fines etc will be their responsibility in the first instance.

AnathemaPulsifer Fri 12-May-17 08:54:29

Try this:

MsMarvel Fri 12-May-17 09:46:15

I emailed my local councillors, and the director for the housing association.

Got a reply back from one of my councillors (and not actually the one I voted for!) And from the director of the company, both saying that they are looking into it and will get back in touch with me ASAP.

Hopefully something will get done!

MsMarvel Fri 12-May-17 14:20:36

And its a success!!

Not sure who got there first, but my local councillor and the director of the housing association both got back in touch to say that it had been discussed, and although staff in the office were correct in the fact that they were following rules, the rules have now been changed based on the reasonable points I highlighted, and I have my space back!!


IAmTheWorwax Fri 12-May-17 14:53:37

Well done OP!
It's good the staff are following the rules but a little bit of common sense wouldn't go amiss either.
Glad it's resolved anyway smile

MsMarvel Fri 12-May-17 15:54:08

Yeah. My issue wasnt with the people following the rules, it was the rule itself.

Hopefully they know not to mess with me again... 😂

Akire Fri 12-May-17 15:57:56

Well done, my housing association want to do the same. I don't have a car I have 3 carers a day neither live or can register care here, nor can they get residents permit for street (London) as don't live here. I'm hoping silmilar sense will prevail.

MsMarvel Fri 12-May-17 16:03:46

Akire I'm sorry you are having similar issues.

From my experience, I think its a case of needing to annoy them enough to get them to listen. Its from similar threads here that I got the idea of finding an email address and getting in touch with directors, as the get annoyed to be contacted that their staff arent dealing with these sorts of things.

I think it did also help me that we have just had local council elections, so my councillor is newly elected and keen to prove himself... 😂

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