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Royal Mail signed for.

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FlyingJellyfishintheAttic Thu 11-May-17 11:13:35

I sent a letter 1st class signed for on 8th to change name on licence so it has my old licence and marriage certificate in. It still has not arrived. I sent two letters together, the other for professional bosyI changing my name and they received this the next day. I'm getting really worried about the fact the dvla still havent had it as it's got my marriage certificate and licence.

hazeydays14 Thu 11-May-17 11:15:28

Do you have the tracking number? You can put it in the Royal Mail website to see if it's waiting at a depot or something.

Spuddington Thu 11-May-17 11:17:08

You can track it (to a point) with the number. However signed for only gives you a signature, not end to end tracking. It gives no compensation or extra security and shouldn't be used for important documents.

lolalament Thu 11-May-17 11:50:22

Sometimes, if it's for a big company, the tracking doesn't update. They get so many signed for letters that they're handed over in a big bundle, and so one can get missed. So it might be there but not updated as such.

FanaticalFox Thu 11-May-17 11:56:50

Recently changed my name on driving licence and passport. Passport returned within 8 working days. Driving licence took 8 weeks!! Firstly the DVLA lost the letter and only looked into it when i proved I'd sent it by special delivery royal mail (at a cost of £6 to me) they then found it and returned it to me and tried to say my marriage cert was a fake!!!! When i returned it special delivery again for another £6 with a strongly worded letter about how the home office had accepted my perfectly genuine marriage cert it was then "going to be processed" phoned again after another week to be told they did not have my letter/licence etc!! Eventually found again after only looking for it once I'd proved it had been sent by special delivery. Eventually done and sent back to me with a cheque and £6 postage refund I'd requested in my complaint letter. Took 8 weeks to get back my licence, 10 weeks to get back my marriage cert etc and 15 weeks to get an apology letter and a £6 cheque. DVLA as so crap.

wasonthelist Thu 11-May-17 12:07:02

What Lola said -

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