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Quads and homeless

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viques Wed 10-May-17 23:13:21

homeless, alcoholic,on benefits , two rounds of IVF and FOUR fertilised eggs implanted. honestly, I have checked and I do not have a big enough pair of judgey pants.

He already has three adult children , and says he wil give up alcohol "when the children come home." OMG.

RJnomore1 Wed 10-May-17 23:14:21

Eh? You what now?

ijustwannadance Wed 10-May-17 23:18:17

How the fuck were they allowed IVF?!

FelixtheMouse Wed 10-May-17 23:18:31


shineon Wed 10-May-17 23:18:42

I watched it. Jesus it was grim. Poor kids haven't a hope.

EachandEveryone Wed 10-May-17 23:19:36

Im guessing went to Turkey where shes from?

Ellisandra Wed 10-May-17 23:20:42

You don't have fertilised eggs implanted.
You have embryos transferred.

As anyone who has nervously waited to find out if their transferred embryos will implant or not will tell you.

Given that you got that wrong, I'm not sure about the rest.

Very unusual to find a clinic in the UK that will transfer 4 embryos at a time, too.

HarrietKettleWasHere Wed 10-May-17 23:22:01

I perplexed as to how SS weren't involved. I wondered if they agreeed with them that they lived with family?

HarrietKettleWasHere Wed 10-May-17 23:23:01

I mean, iI wonder if SS said they had to live with family to keep the children with them. He just had a tiny bedsit.

Crankycunt Wed 10-May-17 23:23:26

What show?

HarrietKettleWasHere Wed 10-May-17 23:24:03

C4, 'Quadruplets and Homeless'.

viques Wed 10-May-17 23:24:11

Given that they are both on long term benefits I doubt they could afford two rounds of IVF privately even in Turkey, could be wrong though. apologies about the egg/embryo error.

TrinityTaylor Wed 10-May-17 23:24:16

I believe the procedure was done overseas so uk regulations not followed?

WayfaringStranger Wed 10-May-17 23:28:24

He has children from a previous marriage, so IVF must have been overseas. I only watched a bit of it but I didn't feel judgy at all. I just felt very sorry and sad for the poor mum who was clearly torn between loving this man and her parents. She looked very sad and I can't imagine what it must be like to care for 4 newborns. She also looked very thin and tired. I know it's likely from caring for the babies but I thought she looked down.

HarrietKettleWasHere Wed 10-May-17 23:29:31

Her mum left her on an abusive arranged marriage abroad when she was 16 though. That is shocking.

HelenaDove Wed 10-May-17 23:30:34

Only saw the trailer but i bet he doesnt stick around.

EachandEveryone Wed 10-May-17 23:34:21

I wonder if that was the parents own house and if it was in London? Maybe the grandparents paid for the treatment abroad?

CricketRuntAndRashers Wed 10-May-17 23:34:37

Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! But what are you talking about? Is this a show or...?

EachandEveryone Wed 10-May-17 23:35:37

Its on channel four plus one now

TrinityTaylor Wed 10-May-17 23:35:42

Yes cricket on c4

highinthesky Wed 10-May-17 23:36:35

Bloody hell, time for some late night 4OD!

There's nothing like a train-wreck life story to make you feel grateful for your own blessings hmm

UrsulaPandress Wed 10-May-17 23:39:37

Misunderstood quads in the title.

Realise I spend too much time in the countryside.

CricketRuntAndRashers Wed 10-May-17 23:41:50

Thanks! At least it isn't somebody the op actually knows... Having to deal with that cockup would be horrible. Poor children!

SciFiFan2015 Wed 10-May-17 23:42:49

Misunderstood title too. Thought it was going to be about roller skates (quads) and perhaps a roller Derby team needing a new home. Now I don't know what to think.

CricketRuntAndRashers Wed 10-May-17 23:42:57

The same happened to me initally... :D

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