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Wwyd? Dating related

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Idontknowhwhattodo Wed 10-May-17 16:06:32

First of all sorry if this maybe sounds a bit teenagery, I've started dating again recently for the first time in many years so I'm very rusty.

Recently met a lovely guy, we've been out 8 really nice (and pretty long as dates go) times, speak often and it's all going pretty well.
I remember on our first date I mentioned my friend going through a heartbreak and made jokes about how annoying it was and I remember him saying when his ex left he probably annoyed his friends in the same way, the conversation turned into something else really quickly so I didn't get a chance to ask anything more of that and ex's haven't been brought up since.

He's recently added me on Facebook, had a quick look at his profile and there's a picture of him and his ex from a few weeks before we met (god I hate myself I sound like such a stalker but I generally just glanced at his profile and it was right there) I tried my best not to dig too hard but it's obvious she's very recently moved to another country.

That combined with what he said about being really upset makes me so nervous, now I'm worried I'm a rebound. God I hate social media, also kicking myself I didn't ask the obvious "so how long have you been single" already (I told you I was rusty)
I really like him but I would hate to get too attached and then find out he's not over his ex. What would you do/say to him? I'm kind of pathetic I have no clue, I feel like maybe it's a bit early for the "so what is this?" talk but obviously need to know where I stand to see if we can continue this or not

BooRadley35 Wed 10-May-17 16:16:08

Just ask him. Be upfront and explain that if he is on the rebound and there is not a future for you two then to tell you now.

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