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Should you go on an interview for a job you don't want?

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UpsyDaisy123 Wed 10-May-17 15:06:02

OH and I disagree on this. He thinks you should go on as many job interviews as you can for the practice, even if you don't think you'd be interested enough to accept it if offered it.

Personally I don't see the point. It just seems like a waste of everyone's time for me.'

What do others think?

GavelRavel Wed 10-May-17 15:11:26

I'm with your OH, if it's practical, more I get Kew practice the better I'd say. Plus you never know own what they might offer you after meeting you.

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 10-May-17 15:13:43

Even if you have to use up your annual leave to do it though?

flexithyme Wed 10-May-17 15:15:21

I'm with your OH as well; I don't think it's a waste of time to get i/v practise.

I'd say if you get offered the job then the polite thing to do is be gracious and give an honest reason why you've decided to turn it down; that way the employer might get useful feedback too (eg they aren't family friendly enough / salary isn't competitive etc.)

Sonders Wed 10-May-17 15:17:10

I guess it depends if you think you need the practice. If you're nervous and desperate for a job, then yes take them.

But if it's going to waste your time and theirs, use your annual leave for a day at the beach instead ;)

MeadowDream Wed 10-May-17 15:21:15

I agree with you OP. Why bother wasting everybody's time for a job you don't even want?
Why bother even applying for a job you don't want??

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 10-May-17 15:32:32

Hmmm, well, I'm already employed in a job which is OK for now but in the long-term I'd ideally like to take a side-step into something which more in my area of interest. An ad has come up for something but I don't think it's it IYKWIM.

It would seem rather awful if I were offered to say, 'Thanks but I never really wanted it in the first place. Mum just came on the interview for the sake of it.'

Orlantina Wed 10-May-17 15:32:45

But what about that person who wanted the job but didn't get short listed - but someone who didn't want the job did get short listed.

Any thoughts about them? There could only be a certain number of people being interviewed.

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 10-May-17 15:33:43

*I not mum!

Forgive my appalling type, I'm not used to not being able to edit things.

BeeFarseer Wed 10-May-17 15:36:55

I think it depends.

Applying for jobs that are wildly different to what you want to do, just for interview practice - that's definitely a waste of everyone's time.

Applying for jobs that are within your field, that you aren't sure about, but might be swayed by what happens at the interview - completely fine.

I'm doing the latter myself next week.

LurkingHusband Wed 10-May-17 15:56:33

I'm with your OH.

As with everything in life, you can't practice too much. Plus you can build up a library of curveball questions for when you get an interview you do want. Rather than spending days afterwards thinking "if only I had said ...."

For a while I had "Attending interviews" listed as a hobby on my c.v. The fact it was never questioned was indicative ...

ThePants999 Wed 10-May-17 16:14:33

I've got nothing against getting the practise, that's no issue. I wouldn't waste precious leave on it though!

Barnes79 Wed 10-May-17 16:22:16

OP It sounds like you want a semi-career change so interview practice is a good idea. It sounds like you aren't sure if this job which has come up is the one for you but an interview is also an opportunity for the interviewee to find out more about the role. You may find that if you go for the interview and asked more questions it would be the perfect job. Also, for a side-step in your career I think it's useful to find out what questions they ask and when you get feedback they'll tell you (assuming you don't get it) areas you could work on to increase your chances when THE job comes up in the future. I completely changed career about 2 years ago and found the interviews so different that it was definitely worth going for the interview even if the job wasn't my dream job. Good luck whatever you decide.

Mossop17 Wed 10-May-17 16:30:41

id go, you never know what other roles they have in the pipeline and may well offer you one of those!

Its also good practice

good luck

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