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To think these rental renewal fees are sky high?!

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lill72 Wed 10-May-17 13:22:03

They want to charge us £125 per person to renew our lease.

What exactly are we paying for? How much dos it cost to send an email these days???!!!!!

What should we pay if anything? Do you only need to pay for the people on the lease?

offtherailsson Wed 10-May-17 13:38:23

Outrageous fees - last week my DP & I forked out £745 just in up front agency to fees just to rent a place then months rent & 6 weeks deposit - £3994 before we'd stepped foot over the threshold for a run down 2 bed place.

I would challenge it.

Kokusai Wed 10-May-17 13:48:29

You have no obligation to sign a new lease. You can reply and say you are happy to be on the Periodic Tenancy and do not wish to pay to sign an new AST.

Kokusai Wed 10-May-17 13:49:54

I would also email the landlord and say you are v happy with the property and want to stay for another year at least (if that is true) but you are not interested in paying £250 just to sign a new contract. Would he/she prefer you to stay on the Periodic Tenancy or will he over or get the agency to waive the renewal fees?

carjacker1985 Wed 10-May-17 13:51:08

You can say you're not paying it, but then he can boot you out with a month's notice if you haven't signed a new contract.

InDubiousBattle Wed 10-May-17 13:54:43

Do you specifically want another fixed term of tenancy? If you don't just refuse to pay it and it will become a rolling tenancy. I think it's two months notice for the landlord to give the tenant and one month for the tenant to give the landlord.

lill72 Wed 10-May-17 13:59:06

What does AST mean? It will be something obvious I am sure!!

We were on a two year lease. Overpaying too. The flat below has been vacant for long periods due to high price so feel like we have a bit of leverage as I know approx what the are paying (a bit more for another bed and huge garden)

I want to ask for the place on less rent based on this knowedge. Also ask for a two year (they have only offered one

requestingsunshine Wed 10-May-17 13:59:39

You can legally choose not to renew the lease and it will revert to a periodic. Usually a quick email to the letting agent to state that you do not wish for a new contract you are happy with this one and would like to keep it as a periodic agreement would be sufficient. There is no charge for that. A periodic is when you would give 1 months notice to leave and your landlord can give you 2 months to leave.

£125 per person to change dates and then print off a piece of paper is a joke.

There was a law passed recently to stop these fees but it hasn't come into force yet.

Also if you can speak to your landlord and explain you are very happy, have no intention of leaving but are not prepared to pay £250 in fees every 6 months. BTW they will be charging your landlord too. He might not know he doesn't have to renew as my sisters landlord didn't realise this and was very grateful when she pointed out to him that neither of them had to stump up these fees if they were happy with the current contract.

InDubiousBattle Wed 10-May-17 14:10:32

I think if you want another 2 year fixed term then you will need another agreement (I would love a 2 year fixed term right now!) but you can challenge the charge if you want.

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 10-May-17 14:36:11

If you want to change terms such as the length and reduction of the rent then you will not be able to roll over the current tenancy. It can only roll over under the same terms as the existing tenancy (AST = assured shorthold tenancy).

Ilikecheeriosyum Wed 10-May-17 16:59:45

That's quite high, our renewal was £100 for two of us and the landlady agreed to pay half If I remember rightly

LamppostInWinter Wed 10-May-17 19:35:10

AST = assured shorthold tenancy, it's the standard residential tenancy agreement.

If you particularly want a fixed term you may need to cough up the fees, but if you and the landlord are happy to you can just roll on a periodic tenancy as PP have said. This doesn't the rent can't be reviewed, the landlord would just need to serve a Section 13 notice.

lill72 Wed 10-May-17 19:49:20

We were on a two year lease, so I'd like to do this again. We paid too much last time, so Iike to try and get a cheaper rent, even though they are trying to raise it.

I would also like to challenge the fees. I dont think we should pay them at all

Is it normal to challenge renewals? I come from Australia where you don't challenge anything!

KanielOutis Wed 10-May-17 19:50:16

Back in the days of 100% mortgages I bought my house because I couldn't afford the up front fees of renting. It's madness.

19lottie82 Wed 10-May-17 20:08:56

carjacker that's not exactly true, it's 2 months from the next rental payment date.

and even then the LL can't "boot them out", if the tenants decide they don't want to leave on that date.

lill72 Thu 11-May-17 09:33:10

Do you think it is cheeky to ask for a rent reduction (as I believe we pay too much) , refuse to pay any fees and a two year lease, all in one email? Or should I get the first two, then argue the second? I also only want DH on lease so only one person pays.

I am going to ask them exactly what the fee beaks down to it, by hour. If am forced to pay.

It is laughable. This same company tried to chage £900. Yes £900 to check in.

Majorgoodwinschickenbeatstrump Thu 11-May-17 09:35:13

I think you don't have a chance asking for less rent. But definitely don't pay the fees'

specialsubject Thu 11-May-17 09:38:11

Yes, this is why I am letting my tenant decide If they prefer a rolling tenancy. They would pay £125 for new lease and so would I. When the law changes I will be charged £250 no doubt so it will be rolling after the first fixed term. It is a btl and as long as all is normal I have no reason to evict.

Btw have you read your how to rent guide? It will dispel a lot of the incorrect advice spewed on mn.

ZeldaWasMyGransName Thu 11-May-17 09:38:15

It's anecdotal, but I've seen a lot of article recently saying that rents are dropping, so based on that I'd try asking for a reduction.

Depends on your area and the popularity, probably not a good option if they've got a line of waiting people, but if not and you are good tenants I think it's worth asking.

KinkyAfro Thu 11-May-17 09:39:30

I refused to sign it when I happened with us and we went on a rolling contract which we had for 5 years

MyPersExp Thu 11-May-17 09:42:33

Lettings agents in England will be banned from charging fees to tenants "as soon as possible" under plans announced in the Autumn Statement 2016.

When these come into place, I am not sure, but its not a second too soon.

I hope the owners and greedy bastards letting agents agree to a periodic tenancy but if they don't then you will have a problem on your hands.

Mulberry72 Thu 11-May-17 09:43:11

We refused to pay our renewal fee, it was £450! We complained directly to the landlord who was also being charged £450 for renewal too! He was fuming and sacked the letting agent and went with another local, family run company who only charge £20 per agreement, not per tennant.

I'd definitely question it, the fees are outrageous.

londonrach Thu 11-May-17 10:08:50

Op..suggest you talk to cab. Id be tempted to move downsides if cheaper. Ea cant charge for both check in or check out fees!!! We have refused twice to sign another agreement, both times went on a rolling we stayed another year...the second about 3-4 months. The second one was hard as we were buying our first house as theres always a risk if you turn the contract down ll gives you notice which was the last thing we wanted. In this case i informed ea and ll of situation. They were lovely about it and was the reason we let viewings in the flat when we finally exchanged. Do you have the ll telephone number. If not same ea ill do a viewing downstairs to to compare the two flats. Good luck. Be polite in letter x

lill72 Fri 12-May-17 12:30:34

So I have asked for a rent reduction (based on current prices of other flats in the building and the fact two have been vacant for a long time due to high price)

Have also asked for two years, so giving them security they dont have with the other flats. W also want security.

When I have heard back about this, will question (refuse) fees.

Will let you all know how it goes!

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