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About non-meat concern?

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ColdTeaandHalfaBiscuit Wed 10-May-17 05:15:40

I have defrosted a load of meat - chicken and beef - cooked it up in different sauces to be put back in the freezer for future dinners etc.
DH thinks we will all get food poisoning from defrosted/reheated/refrozen food. I think it will be fine.
Would you/have you ever done this?

ColdTeaandHalfaBiscuit Wed 10-May-17 05:18:12

Apologies for the weirdly worded title - it made sense in my head!

overmydeadbody Wed 10-May-17 05:18:23

It's fine to freeze raw meat, defrost it and​ cook it and then freeze it again cooked.

PedantHere Wed 10-May-17 05:18:49

You'll be fine as long as it's cooked through and stored safely until it gets frozen.

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 10-May-17 05:19:59

It's fine if cooked. You shouldn't defrost and refreeze without cooking as any bacteria can multiply and are not then killed off by the heat process.

HallowedMimic Wed 10-May-17 05:20:32

It will be fine as long as the meat you defrosted was raw.

treaclesoda Wed 10-May-17 05:25:52

I've been doing this for twenty years and have never had food poisoning. As long as it's defrost-cook-freeze and not just defrost-freeze then it's all fine. smile

ColdTeaandHalfaBiscuit Wed 10-May-17 06:30:50

Yes, meat was raw when frozen.

Thanks for your replies smile

insancerre Wed 10-May-17 06:31:48

Absolutely fine to do this

WinnerWinnerChickenDinner0 Wed 10-May-17 06:35:30

Yep. No problem there

SquatBetty Wed 10-May-17 06:48:36

Yes it's fine, you've changed the state of the meat by cooking it so you can freeze it again without risk.

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