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AIBU to think this is to much homework for year 1?

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Geekmama Mon 08-May-17 19:17:39

My DS has to read his Reading book every night, spellings every night, with additional words to practice reading over the week. He also has English or maths homework to be done over the weekend.
I'm in two mines, as we have a really tight schedule my DS is at breakfast club for 7:30 and doesn't get picked up from after-school club until 5:30 his bedtime is at 7:00 so we don't have a lot of time in the evening's. We do try to facilitate all of this and we were in a very good routine until the spelling book came home.
On the other hand, it's good for him to Re-Cap on his days learning but he has additional needs and he need a bit of downtime.
Is this too much? AIBU To speak to his teacher?

PeaFaceMcgee Mon 08-May-17 19:22:17

He should do his homework in after school club

PeaFaceMcgee Mon 08-May-17 19:22:52

But do speak to the teacher too

bigchris Mon 08-May-17 19:23:54

At our after school club none of the kids do homework , it's all playing and eating , especially outside this time of year, the staff wouldn't supervise homework and at that age they're hardly going to sit down alone and do it !

Geekmama Mon 08-May-17 19:26:08

PeaFace his after-school club is actually in a different school and they don't offer that.

Trifleorbust Mon 08-May-17 19:26:57

Why isn't it done in after school club? That would make sense.

ShoppingBasket Mon 08-May-17 19:27:15

In Ireland, 4 spellings, 4 sentences. 2 pages reading, sums/grammar and tables, monday to thursday.

gamerwidow Mon 08-May-17 19:27:38

It is a usual amount for a yr1 child but homework at this age imo should be treated as optional and if it causes a lot of upset trying to do it then don't.
We struggled with Dd in yr 1 because she was with the childminded from 730am to 630pm and she was too tired to do her reading and spelling by the time she got in which led to arguments and tears. So most nights we just didn't do it.
This year she has been much more able to cope and does do her homework every night.

Broccolirevolution Mon 08-May-17 19:29:41

In Y1 we had similar homework. I would test my DS on the spelling words in the car. He only had to memorisend them and then do a test on the Friday so it didn't matter that he wasn't reading or writing them during the week, only saying the spellings out loud. I used to do the reading book tucked up in bed as a bedtime story and then I would read something else afterwards. Would doing it that way help?

Coffeeisnecessary Mon 08-May-17 19:29:43

I think it's too much. I have a ds in year 1, he is supposed to read every night, maths/spellings over the weekend and go on an online spelling thing every night too, we never manage to fit it all in and he is exhausted from the day. I think they need downtime to unwind. Luckily so far our school hasn't said anything about him not doing it all!

Trifleorbust Mon 08-May-17 19:30:10

Oh. Well, that does sound a fair amount of homework, but I think the real issue is your lack of time, notthe amount of work.

SenoritaViva Mon 08-May-17 19:30:56

That's more than my year 5 child gets! She has spellings (about 15 per week) and one homework. (Depends on the term as whether structured or choice).
Reception child gets letters and sound prac and daily read.
We are in the U.K., recently been given outstanding by ofsted.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Mon 08-May-17 19:32:10

DD1 is in year 1. They have 2 books to read per week (one on Tuesday, one on Thursday) and a page to do in their home learning book per week. The home learning involves writing a sentence and something else like 4 'number sentences' or similar. It takes about 5 minutes.

FallenPetalsSummerDew Mon 08-May-17 19:41:49

We had this problem. We weren't getting in until 630ish every evening and my twins were shattered. We were reading perhaps twice a week and weekends were being used to try and catch up with spellings and maths. Twins struggling to grasp phonics, let alone maths and spellings! The Head Teacher dragged us into his office and told us we didn't care about our kids and they would never get their gcses! They're 5!! Considering I suffer with depression but try and do as much as possible for my children, that really didn't help! I love my children dearly and spent a long time thinking I'd failed them. 2 terms in and it's 'clicked'. They are accustomed to the daily routine and happy to read in the evenings, making progress and things are much more settled. I think in these early years there's such a broad spectrum of development and not all children can handle such an intensive routine straight away. The homework should be tiered to the development level.

Workingmummyto1 Mon 08-May-17 19:42:12

That sounds about right tbh. We had similar last year for year 1. 6 books to read over the week, spellings, tables and a homework task. Agree it is tough with limited time if you are working, but we got by doing a structured 20 mins or so a night. We tended to do more spelling practice etc at the weekend to take pressure of the week nights.

CountryCaterpillar Mon 08-May-17 19:44:58

Crazy stuff sad not much point to homework in primary, especially as young as year 1 where in many countries kids wouldn't be at school. Me eldest didn't have h/w at that stage (nor did I and I did ojay1!) but I think it's been brought in now for when youngest is in year 1 sad

Should just be reading and the odd optional extension activity.

scrivette Mon 08-May-17 19:49:25

Sounds like ours, 6 books a week, homework plus spellings but we at least have a set amount of homework to do over the term rather than must be done weekly.

I think it's too much with after school club, breakfast club etc. By the time I get home from work the last thing either of us wants to do is homework and I think weekends should be for relaxing/playing.

LucyFuckingPevensie Mon 08-May-17 19:49:41

I think it's too much tbh.
My dts are in year 2, they have spellings and times tables / number bond type questions every night in the week, plus a reading book. Then bigger homework over the weekend, even that is quite fun tbh - design and build a castle, find out facts about Vikings etc.

WindyWednesday Mon 08-May-17 19:54:21

We only get given home work at the weekend.


Reading 3x a week
Tricky words to learn, read and write.
Maths online
Topic homework.

I don't mind doing it, but it annoys me that it doesn't get marked each week. They tend to mark about once a month. Makes me fail to see the point. By the time it's marked the dc can't remember doing the work.

notangelinajolie Mon 08-May-17 19:59:00

I know it is a long day for him but could he go to bed later? Or can you work different hours so that you are home earlier?

TittyGolightly Mon 08-May-17 19:59:55

My DD is in year 1 and gets a fraction of that. 2 books to read a week. That's it. Everything else done at school. They're interested in the whole child, not forcing them with academics. It's also a Welsh medium school so most of the children are learning a language not spoken in the home throughout the day (via immersion).

I wouldn't be doing that amount of homework with my child, and I'd tell the teacher why. (Starting with all the studies that have shown primary homework to be utterly pointless.)

Allyg1185 Mon 08-May-17 20:07:22

I live in Scotland so slightly different my son is in p1 and is 5 ( 6 in June ) he has a reading book to do over the weekend and 15 spellings which hes to read to me and write out twice ( this usually comes home on a Tuesday and to be back on the Friday )

Alexandra87 Mon 08-May-17 20:12:48

Mine yr 1 & yr 2 have to do spelling and reading every night and then written homework/maths over the weekend. We do spellings and reading while I make dinner

Piratefairy78 Mon 08-May-17 20:14:29

That sounds loads. My Y2 has reading (5 times a week), spellings (differentiated in the class, most have between 4-10) and then homework given on Wednesday to be handed in on Monday. The Y1 in the same class only have the reading and spellings weekly. At the beginning of a new term/topic they may be asked for a picture for the walls.

Fruitcorner123 Mon 08-May-17 20:18:09

My year 1 son doesn't have that much. We are asked to read every night but I give him a couple of nights off (he reads his own books in bed anyway) and has one h/w sheet over the weekend. If he had more than I was happy with I would speak to the school. I think what you've described is too much. Some of those children are just five years old. Totally ridiculous- and I am a teacher by the way.

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