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What does aibu stand for?

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BusyBee2017 Mon 08-May-17 16:39:43

As above

WorraLiberty Mon 08-May-17 16:40:15

Am I Being Unreasonable

RuggerHug Mon 08-May-17 16:40:18

Am I being unreasonable

Wolfiefan Mon 08-May-17 16:40:45

There is a list of acronyms round here somewhere!

Tinkhasflown Mon 08-May-17 16:40:51

Am I being unreasonable.

FannyWisdom Mon 08-May-17 16:41:06

Fight Club.

EdmundCleverClogs Mon 08-May-17 16:43:06

Fight Club grin

Andylion Mon 08-May-17 16:44:46

NavyandWhite Mon 08-May-17 16:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redshoeblueshoe Mon 08-May-17 16:51:22

It is a dark place where people ask innocent questions then get torn to bits.

BusyBee2017 Mon 08-May-17 17:53:58

Thanks for that everybody hahaha

BoysofMelody Mon 08-May-17 17:55:13

Give me unquestioning affirmation otherwise I'll take a huff.

Zebra31 Mon 08-May-17 17:57:58

grin # Fight club

ScrumpyBetty Mon 08-May-17 18:21:38


caz323 Mon 08-May-17 18:23:41


Chloe84 Mon 08-May-17 18:28:22

Also, it should be pronounced Eh-bu. I have decreed it grin

BaldricksTrousers Mon 08-May-17 18:31:13

Sorry, it's obviously pronounced ay-boo

Chloe84 Mon 08-May-17 18:35:41

No way, 'bu' does not make an elongated 'boo' sound.

Eh-bu. Short and sweet. smile

BaldricksTrousers Mon 08-May-17 18:38:00

Abu is usually pronounced "ahboo"

Aim is usually pronounce "aym"

Therefore, aibu is "ayboo"

Chloe84 Mon 08-May-17 18:42:04

It looks like you have also thought that this through, Baldrick.

Ebu is an actual word pronounced 'eh-bu', which may have swayed me.

Looks like we have to agree to disagree!

BaldricksTrousers Mon 08-May-17 18:43:22

Unless someone comes by to tell us why we're both wrong...

NavyandWhite Mon 08-May-17 18:44:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScrumpyBetty Mon 08-May-17 19:19:03

You're all being ay boo grin

Kissesgingers Mon 08-May-17 19:23:38

Eye-buh? Surely?

nickelbeingnormal Mon 08-May-17 19:24:45

I pronounce it eye-boo

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