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DS thinks he can teach himself to pass an exam in a week. AIBU to think he is wrong?

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user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 13:45:23

This is going to sound ridiculous and I wasn't going to post, as you'll probably call me stupid blush or irresponsible, etc.

My son is now 18. He isn't a 'genius' or anything like that. He did ok at GCSEs but didn't try hard at all. I used to try my best to get him to revise for him exams, he refused to and said it was pointless and exams don't help etc. which is ridiculous because as much as I do agree it's about memory, you clearly do need to know, anyway, he did ok and got accepted into sixth form, he decided not to go and got a part time job but did a part time photography course in the evening (he is still doing that).

I don't really know how it came about but I think I brought it up about how his exams were important and does he agree now he has matured and he was saying how he doesn't agree because exams aren't showing how intelligent you are, etc. and anyone can do them if they learn the exam technique. Last year (around december) he was telling me how he was going to prove it, he booked himself into the Maths AS exams for this summer (last year you can do these ones I believe). He hasn't learnt anything yet hmm and I keep bringing it up (he spent £150 odd pounds for the exams (private candidate) and will sit them at his college he goes to part time) and he is telling me 'to wait and see'. He says when he has a week until the exam he will start learning the technique of it? I could slightly understand if a different subject, but he seems to think for Maths it works the best. I really don't understand his whole thinking behind this, but can't wait to be like WTF when he doesn't pass...

AIBU to think this is just stupid and not possible?

scaredofthecity Sun 07-May-17 13:48:41

er.. for GCSEs yes but not at a level.
I got an A* at GCSE, and had a similar attitude. I got a D to begin with and had to do a few retakes. You cannot wing a levels!

madcatwoman61 Sun 07-May-17 13:49:40

Well you'll find out won't you? He's an adult, let him do it his own way - maybe he is a genius!

DoloresTheRunawayTrain Sun 07-May-17 13:50:32

YANBU but he is clearly not prepared to listen. Let him tilt at his windmill.

araiwa Sun 07-May-17 13:52:33

his £150 so its up to him

maths is probably one of the harder ones to pass with no previous learning though i reckon

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 13:52:55

Glad it isn't just me then... Well, 10 days to go, so can't wait to see what he does in 3 days. It's quite entertaining actually!

Trifleorbust Sun 07-May-17 13:53:16

He sounds arrogant. If he does it, I have a hat ready to eat?

GreyVelvet Sun 07-May-17 13:53:46

Only he know his own abilities but I taught myself maths as level in a day and got a B

NuffSaidSam Sun 07-May-17 13:54:45

Is General Studies still a thing? He should have registered for that. You can do that by just turning up on the day.

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 13:55:18

It's funny Trifle he isn't normally an arrogant person but seems to be with regards to this... I can't see him doing it.

Grey you got a B, wow! And you only taught yourself in a day? Maybe there is hope.

winewolfhowls Sun 07-May-17 13:56:08

This is interesting. Could you update on results day?

Jupitar Sun 07-May-17 13:57:22

I took a week off work before taking my accounting technicians exams and learnt more in that week than I had all year, and yes I passed

NapQueen Sun 07-May-17 13:57:32

Maths just isnt one of those subject you can "wing". Its linear. New stuff is taught at A Level

Yep arrogant sounds about right to me. But good luck to him anyway.

notapizzaeater Sun 07-May-17 13:57:33

Pity you have to wait so long for the results ....

Wonders if he tells you how it went on the day :-)

Regardless, good luck to him

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 13:57:49

Sure winewolf

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 13:58:43

lol Not! I will ask to see the bit of paper, he will gladly show it if he passes, probably not if he didn't...

Trifleorbust Sun 07-May-17 14:00:12

I know some students like this, OP. They are usually just deluding themselves. But the odd genius exists who makes the rest of them dare to dream! Perhaps your DS is the golden goose?

NuffSaidSam Sun 07-May-17 14:01:24

Did he do really well in GSCE maths? Did he have a great teacher who covered extra some of the AS syllabus? Is he secretly doing maths instead of photography?!

I'm so interested in how this will turn out!

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 14:04:30

It's funny, he didn't do particularly well! He got a B for GCSE, which is good but not for someone who expects to learn the next stage in a week. I know he didn't try, but still...

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 14:04:45

He's definitely doing photography grin

specialsubject Sun 07-May-17 14:04:52

Most people find academic work really easy until suddenly they don't. That point can come at any time, and the later it is the harder it is.

His money, his attitude, his problem. Will be interested to see how he gets on!

StitchWitch Sun 07-May-17 14:05:27

Depends how hard he's going to work for that week, what grade he got at GCSE and whether he's clever enough to pick up everything from the book without any teacher help. My son could probably make a decent showing at that age if he set his mind to it and had good books. I guess.

Camomila Sun 07-May-17 14:06:02

I dunno...I did A level biology and really struggled to understand it second year. By April time I barely knew more than I did in September. I went to WHSmiths and bought one of those 'pass your exams in a week' revision guides and memorised it using the 'cover the text with your hand then copy it down' method kids use primary spellings. I then regurgitated it in the exam (with very little understanding of what I was writing) I got a B.

I think if he's got a very good memory and crams it is doable.

user1494154933 Sun 07-May-17 14:07:30

Oh he's not planning to look through books and teach himself the material, he is planning to do it via all the past papers.... and mark schemes, etc. he does crack me up when he tells me, because it just sounds worse every second. Sometimes I think he is just taking the piss, but he really isn't.

gluteustothemaximus Sun 07-May-17 14:08:26

I'm helping DS with his Maths GCSE. To check I wasn't too rusty, I took an older GSCE paper. 100% grin

Feeling pretty chuffed with that, I decided to take an A level paper.

Couldn't get past the first question shock

A level is very very different, and now I am no longer smug grin

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