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This is a goady thread

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cannotbelievethistoday Fri 05-May-17 08:22:23

I have private school for my children. I own my house outright. I have private medical insurance. I have savings in the bank. I own a second property outright which is let out. I go on many many holidays a year (approximately 6-8). The absolute devastation that the tories are reaping on public services will largely pass me by.

I vote labour.

WTF do people without money (and all the things outlined above) vote Tory? THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE. THEY DON'T CARE. I see people without any of the aforementioned luxuries cheering about voting someone in who will have a guaranteed negative impact on their lives.

Off to find a wall to bang my head on.

AIBU to say I don't care that this is a goady thread.

(You can say I am troll but mumsnet will confirm I have been a member for years.)

haveacupoftea Fri 05-May-17 08:24:02

YANBU. It is truly baffling.

Nan0second Fri 05-May-17 08:25:12

I totally agree. I don't have any of those things that you have but have a high income compared with most.
I want to ask why people want private healthcare / worsening two tier schooling / minimal benefits if something terrible happens to them...
I just don't understand. People don't appear happy with the current status quo so why are they voting to maintain it?

Lweji Fri 05-May-17 08:28:51

Because less immigration and less taxes?
That can't possibly go wrong. smile

Clandestino Fri 05-May-17 08:28:56

YANBU. Reminds me of “So this is how liberty dies – with thunderous applause.”
The bashing of the NHS, schools, emigrants, social welfare recipients etc. by The Daily Trash, The Nazi Sun and other tabloids is paying off. They are marching towards their destruction while singing a merry tune.

App1eCakes Fri 05-May-17 08:29:20

YANBU. Woke up to the news this morning, yet another election result that makes no sense to me.

Jellybean85 Fri 05-May-17 08:29:45

I work in an area of public services where I encounter a lot of people living on benefits or low Income of other sorts.
You'd be surprised how they see it, lots can't comprehend the luxuries you speak of so don't know they're missing them.
They understand from their own lives that if your spending outpaces your income you have to make
Cuts no matter how hard it is. That's what they think Tories are doing. And labour just saying they'll reverse the cuts isn't reassuring as people can't see where the money is coming from.

Of course I am only
Talking about the tiny proportion I meet and speak to. There are probably hundreds of individual reasons

PinkSquash Fri 05-May-17 08:30:26


PinkSquash Fri 05-May-17 08:30:40


RoseGoldProsecco Fri 05-May-17 08:31:19

People I know who've voted labour all their lives (up north) are now voting Tory.

People I know who've voted Tory all their lives are now voting Lib Dem.

The only bright spot in the current clusterfuck that is Uk politics is that none of them are voting UKIP!

Motheroffourdragons Fri 05-May-17 08:31:28

Agreed, it is absolutely crazy. Less immigration and less taxes - hmmm, we will see. Less taxes for the richest, I am sure.

Very very disappointing.

FellOutOfBed2wice Fri 05-May-17 08:31:59

Hear hear, OP. We aren't as well off as you, but we are okay. We don't suffer too badly under this shower of shit government because we aren't on the bones of our arses. However I still vote Labour. For the many, not the few. But I watch my disabled parents in law, who are on benefits because of their disabilities, who live in a council house, who rely on government help and the NHS for everything in their lives, and they vote Tory. Because it's aspirational. Doesn't matter if you have nothing to conserve, being conservative is the "posh" thing to do.

In the words of the great Neil Kinnock: I warn you not to be ordinary, I warn you not to be young, I warn you not to fall ill, and I warn you not to grow old.

Motheroffourdragons Fri 05-May-17 08:32:48

The only bright spot in the current clusterfuck that is Uk politics is that none of them are voting UKIP!

That is because they don't need to with the tories veering way off to the right.

cannotbelievethistoday Fri 05-May-17 08:33:45

On another thread, left wingers are accused of getting angry. I am angry. Frustrated. Annoyed. Concerned. Angry. Dumfounded the people keep picking the wrong team. I just don't get it.

Jellybean85 Fri 05-May-17 08:34:42

@RoseGoldProsecco that's what I keep telling myself!! At least it's not Ukip grin

LadySalmakia Fri 05-May-17 08:35:39

YANBU op. Turkeys voting for fucking Christmas.

Lweji Fri 05-May-17 08:37:50

Also because it's team Brexit. Everyone must get behind them. Labour might stop it. God forbid

LapinR0se Fri 05-May-17 08:39:31

Ha yes I have all the same things as you and I am a staunch Tory voter and always will be

Fruitcorner123 Fri 05-May-17 08:39:54

YANBU. I don't know why people just blindly believe what the papers tell them. It's heartbreaking that my children have another five years of Tories ahead of them to destroy yet more of their educational and career and homeowner hopes and make it even harder for them to get the healthcare we grew up expecting. I hope labour will take the five years and get themselves sorted.

RoseGoldProsecco Fri 05-May-17 08:40:03

Losing farage was the death of UKIP, thank goodness. He's a nob, but he speaks to a certain type of voter (8,000,000 of them from last GE, I think confused). Luckily nobody else in ukip can speak to anyone.

Tenner says he's migrated to America before the decade is out...

GrumpyOldBlonde Fri 05-May-17 08:42:46

Agree, every word, all day long.
My partner plans to vote Tory, this is causing me issues. This election is too important for me to be able to shrug it off as his choice.

legfaced Fri 05-May-17 08:44:45


namechange20050 Fri 05-May-17 08:45:08

YANBU op. I am also comfortably off & a labour voter. This baffles me.

WobblyLegs5 Fri 05-May-17 08:46:39

A large chunk of the electorate doesn't understand the difference between macro & micro economics & can't critically evaluate the misinformation in the (largely right wing) media.

This view generally gets me slates on here but I think it's true of a significant %.

Then there's the reason women voted for trump knowing he bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Coppersulphate Fri 05-May-17 08:46:40

I vote Tory. Less immigration definitely.
Lower taxes.
And Jeremy Corbyn....?Seriously? And Diane Abbott in charge of policing? Seriously?

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