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AIBU that he shouldn't eat these?

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NotForSale Fri 05-May-17 07:49:24

When I was pregnant 4 years ago I had hyperemesis where I couldn't eat and was sick for every waking moment.
I still have strong aversions to certain foods that must have come from association with that time as I only have to smell them and I am right back in the full horror of it. These include cooked eggs, baked beans, yoghurt, black pepper, vinegar, fried chicken.
My husband has a fondness for omelette and baked beans for breakfast rather than cereal like every one else in the house and it makes me heave so we stagger breakfast times although the smell lingers and the bean juice on his dirty plate or on the work surface and saucepan still make me gag. AIBU that he simply shouldn't eat these if it has such a strong impact on me? I don't respond like that out of choice!

Alexandra87 Fri 05-May-17 07:50:26

Yabu it's his home too he should be able to eat what he wants

DoItTooJulia Fri 05-May-17 07:52:07

It would certainly be kinder if he didn't! Or if he washed his plate afterwards at least.

Does he care that you hate it?

c3pu Fri 05-May-17 07:52:31

Yabu to dictate what he eats, but he should at least clean up after himself.

Hiphopopotamus Fri 05-May-17 07:52:37

YABU - I need a cooked breakfast like omelette in the morning to fill me up properly. I can't stand cereal. You can't expect your DH to never eat eggs again!

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Fri 05-May-17 07:52:53


CaulkheadNorth Fri 05-May-17 07:53:23

What does he say when you talk about it with him?

Wolfiefan Fri 05-May-17 07:53:25

That's quite a long list. Maybe seek treatment if it is impacting on your life.
I wouldn't expect a partner never to eat these foods. Shut kitchen door, prepare and eat food and then clean up.

watchoutformybutt Fri 05-May-17 07:53:26

Yabu you can't expect people never to eat that stuff. I've had HG with my first, I'm not being unsympathetic but at this point you need to try to find a way to get over it so other people in the family can eat what they want. It's not even like any of those things are particularly unusual or offensive smelling.

ChasedByBees Fri 05-May-17 07:53:33

It's quite a long list of food you have aversions too though. I wouldn't say he can't eat them but he should be cleaning up immediately after finishing.

BumWad Fri 05-May-17 07:53:36


AnathemaPulsifer Fri 05-May-17 07:54:18

YA both a bit U

You'll need to let him eat what he likes, but he needs to rinse/wash up his pan and plate to make it easier for you.

Mysterycat23 Fri 05-May-17 07:54:42

In the spirit of compromise and showing care and affection he should have it less frequently and definitely be cleaning up after himself each and every time.

So YABU to say never, YANBU to say not every day and clean up after yourself grin

soapboxqueen Fri 05-May-17 07:54:42

You can't dictate forever that he doesn't eat these things. However, I would expect him to clear up properly so you didn't need to see it.

luckylucky24 Fri 05-May-17 07:55:00

YABU. Your list isn't one or two items, its a fair bit. I would ask him to simply wash up rather than not eat any of it.

Popskipiekin Fri 05-May-17 07:55:13

YABU not to want him to eat what he likes for breakfast but knowing your strong reaction to those foods he IBVVVU not to wash up the saucepan, wipe surfaces, put plate away. He should do that anyway of course, but especially in these circs.

loverlybunchofcoconuts Fri 05-May-17 07:55:53

I think I'd see it more as a problem I'd want to resolve. Surely that will affect you outside the home? Passing a fish and chip shop, a fried chicken shop...eating out anywhere there could be an omelette served?
I'd be looking at how I can desensitise myself after 4 years.

But in the meantime, make DH rinse his plate and pans, and put them straight in the dishwasher (which he should do anyway really...!)

SaorAlbaGuBrath Fri 05-May-17 07:56:28

YABU to say he can't eat them, but he IBU not cleaning up after himself, especially if it makes you gag.

Imnotaslimjim Fri 05-May-17 07:57:21

In the gentlest possible way, YABU. You need to seek treatment to deal with this. I totally understand why you've got this way but you can't live like that and you can't force him to.

SailAwayWithMeHoney Fri 05-May-17 07:58:37

Yes, YABU.

But so is he by not just cleaning up after himself.

haveacupoftea Fri 05-May-17 07:59:45

YABU, those are pretty standard everyday foods, you can expect him never to eat egg or beans again.

haveacupoftea Fri 05-May-17 08:01:27

But totally agree he should wash his own dishes, lazy arse leaving them there for you especially glued on eggs, yuk.

honeycheeerios Fri 05-May-17 08:03:36


You need to work on getting over it rather that dictating what he can eat.

You will have to deal with it at times when eating out etc.

VerySadInside Fri 05-May-17 08:04:47

YAB hugely U!

Go get some therapy if its that bug an issue for you.

OboePlayingImmortalRabbit Fri 05-May-17 08:07:07

I think you're being a bit unreasonable, sorry. But I do think that the least he could do is wash up his plate/pan/dishes whatever.

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