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to ask if you preferred primary or secondary school?

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halcyondays Wed 03-May-17 10:52:43

I loved primary, didn't like much secondary much because of massive pressure from school re exams and other stuff too. DH and my dad both say they preferred secondary to primary.

NancyDonahue Wed 03-May-17 11:07:03

I loved primary school. I literally had the 'best days of my life' at primary school. I lived in a tiny village and it felt very safe and friendly.

Secondary was tough. The work got harder, peer pressure was tough. Puberty kicked in. I felt very substandard for not having the right hair, shoes etc.

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Wed 03-May-17 11:10:36

I preferred secondary to primary but enjoyed my time at sixth-form college more than either

floraeasy Wed 03-May-17 11:11:09

I preferred secondary school. I was interested in (most) of the subjects I was studying. I was sort of grown-up for my age and was glad to leave the childishness of primary behind.

Primary was a small village for me (11 pupils in my class!) but I felt suffocated.

Secondary was half an hour away on the bus and much more anonymous and more about the work and study. I stayed until sixth form, though I would have left earlier had my parents allowed it.

RebelandaStunner Wed 03-May-17 11:11:43

Loved secondary mainly for the parties, school discos, camping trips, French exchange and youth club. Basically all the fun stuff smile

Pinkheart5917 Wed 03-May-17 11:12:20

Primary school everytime

By time I got to secondary school the girls were vile to me to this day no idea why

BattleaxeGalactica Wed 03-May-17 11:13:12


The first primary I went to was fine but my parents moved and the new one was a hotbed of bullying. Was very glad to shake the dust on the last day.

RedSkyAtNight Wed 03-May-17 11:26:40

I loved the first primary I went to, hated the 2nd and the 3rd, thought the 4th was ok, and hated my secondary school.

ClarkWGriswold Wed 03-May-17 11:31:33

I loved school full stop but I preferred secondary school, more specifically when I was in sixth form (part of my secondary school) - I would say those were the best days of my life.

I lived in a small village and always felt very safe, knew everyone and had an older brother so had lots of people look out for me. It was a great place to grow up and I still feel homesick for my hometown.

mummytime Wed 03-May-17 11:58:21

My Dc all prefer/preferred secondary, more interesting, more people so met people more on their wavelength and treated like adults.
I quite liked my primary but certainly felt more challenged at secondary (unfortunately it was a bit "rough" so I struggled with some aspects).

justgivemethepinot Wed 03-May-17 12:10:40

Primary for me, struggled a lot at secondary and got out as soon as I could.

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Wed 03-May-17 12:17:42

Loved Primary, hated Secondary. The work was more interesting at Secondary but the cliques and peer pressure were awful, I was so unhappy sad

ChessPlayer09 Wed 03-May-17 12:18:07

Primary. I enjoyed the lessons although I still had issues.

Secondary was hell, I was bullied severely and nearly committed suicide as a result.

SuperBeagle Wed 03-May-17 12:20:05

Secondary, but only the second school I went to. I hated the first one (grades 7-9).

Hated primary school. Horribleness cliquey mothers who were overly involved and caused a hierarchy among the children, plus relentless bullying from two girls in particular. It was isolating and temporarily shattered my self esteem and confidence in making friends. Great Catholic school, hey?

Firenight Wed 03-May-17 12:24:20

Primary was idyllic but I loved the academic rigour of secondary despite the usual puberty stresses.

OhTheRoses Wed 03-May-17 12:27:45

Primary (private) brilliant
Grammar - stodgy and turgid stifling all individuality
6th form - private boys school - one of the first three girls (might have got better A'Levels at the grammar but needed to board due parents' divorces.

DS - Primary state - happy with friends but little learning
Lonon independent from 8-18 - amazing in every respect

DD: Same primary worked better than for DS.
2 yrs at elite cofe secondary - disaster
3 years at 2nd division surrey independent - supported pastorally and rebuilt esteem - dd well academically
One term at DS's London Indy - MH problems that were emerging escalated (depression, anxiety, self harm, anirexia)
Restarted High School 6th form after two terms off. Underlying ADHD diagnosed. Fantastic - better than she's been for years liking back.
No school identifie a problem because she's a high performer but she knew she wasn't fulfilling her potential.

TiredMumToTwo Wed 03-May-17 12:29:28

Primary - loved it, was young & naive & a bit of a swot but no one cared. I enjoyed secondary but found the whole "needing to be cool" thing difficult & didn't really feel that I fit in till I got to 6th form college which I loved! Think I was under too much pressure at secondary - peer pressure to fit in & parental presssure to do well.

Bringmesunshite Wed 03-May-17 12:33:16

Hated both. Enjoyed 6th form.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 03-May-17 12:35:04

Primary because I loved PE and fit in with everyone. At secondary I didn't know anyone to start with, felt like the poor relation, and had sadistic PE teachers who put me off sport and participating.

WhenLoveAndCakeCollide Wed 03-May-17 12:51:54

Primary from when I lived in the UK. I only had two years at secondary level, before my parents upped sticks and moved us to my mom's native land (the US). I hated those two years at secondary, but maybe it'd have got better later on, who knows.

In the States, I had one year in middle school, and four years in high school. I loved high school, but that one year in middle school was hell. Forget what you've seen and heard about US high schools, it's middle school that you have to survive, and I only had to do it for one year! grin

TheNaze73 Wed 03-May-17 12:51:58

Secondary, primary was all a bit twee. Obviously served its purpose though

bittorrent123 Wed 03-May-17 12:55:56

Didn't particularly like either. Secondary school was much better as went to a grammar for years 9 to 6th form. There was no bullying if you did well.

peachgreen Wed 03-May-17 13:39:41

Primary school was great (even as an anxious, sensitive child). It helped that I went to a really fantastic primary in Greater London, very involved headteacher, lots of extracurricular activities that I really enjoyed (choir, school plays, orchestra, netball teams etc), zero tolerance for bullying, all achievements highly celebrated, great teaching and behavioural standards etc etc. I only pray that my kids have a similar experience. It was wonderful. Secondary was pretty horrendous - got a bit better towards the end but in general I hated it. Small village school and I was the new girl. Sixth form was the worst of all. I had a nervous breakdown, I hated it so much. I loved university but only because I was a total nerd and really enjoyed my degree.

Adulthood is by far the best!

HairyToity Wed 03-May-17 13:41:33

Loved primary. Was sent to a very posh public school for secondary- was bullied terribly and hated it.

cocobatter Wed 03-May-17 13:44:44

I went to six primary schools hmm but finally settled in secondary school so much preferred my time there

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