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PinkyandtheBrainyOne Tue 02-May-17 20:25:05

I mean obviously, I'm not, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to anyone who has donated in the past.

My partner and I were out of work at the end of last year and were waiting for our benefits to kick in. We visited and were provided with bags of lovely food - all manner of treats which put a big smile on our faces.

But, that's only half of my story. The week before Christmas, things were very tight. We hadn't bought each other presents and were planning on just having a microwavable roast dinner to celebrate Christmas. We had to keep things cheap. And then we got a phone call...

Apparently we had entered a prize draw and won a food hamper, and they were wondering if they could drop it round that evening. We were very grateful; but we hadn't entered any draw. It was obvious that it was a treat from the food bank, described to spare our feelings and it meant the world to us.

Inside were selection boxes and Roses and Celebrations, all kinds of chocolate. Yule Logs and Rice Pudding. Hot Chocolate, as well as the usual staples you'll find in a food bank parcel. It's no exaggeration to say that we both had a little weep at how fortunate we were.

Eventually we both found work and things seem to be, if not comfortable, manageable. I'm pretty late posting this, but was reading an article about Food Banks and remembered and wanted to say, thank you. smile

patronsaintofglocks Tue 02-May-17 20:26:20

Bless you. I've been there.
Are you back in work now?

greathat Tue 02-May-17 20:26:37

Aw that's lovely. My local tesco used to have a place where you could put stuff, but it seems to have disappeared

Icanseethepigeon Tue 02-May-17 20:27:47

YANBU smile Glad things have worked out for you and that you had help when you needed it.

DeadGood Tue 02-May-17 20:30:06


PavlovianLunge Tue 02-May-17 20:31:27

YANBU at all.

I'm a bit conflicted about food banks, because in the UK, in this day and age, we shouldn't need them. But we do need them, so DP and I contribute to our local one from time to time. Advice on MN as to what to contribute (and what not to) has been very useful.

FreeButtonBee Tue 02-May-17 20:33:14

If any of you use ocado, they let you donate vouchers to food banks and they match what you donate £ for £. Apparently it means the food banks can buy exactly what they need with the vouchers rather than relying of generous but probably slightly random donators.

StealthPolarBear Tue 02-May-17 20:33:23

I haven't contributed in a while, usually bease I remember when I see the bank on the way out and it's too late. I will try to remember to do it soon

requestingsunshine Tue 02-May-17 20:36:03

It's good to hear you're back on your feet and that the food parcel was able to make your Christmas a little more special.

We had been in a similar very dire situation a while back, it's not a nice place to be but like yourselves we were able to get out of it and now live reasonably comfortably mostly. Last Christmas the children and I decided instead of them having a chocolate advent calendar to open each day instead they would write down a food item and post it in a pot. Then a week before Christmas we went shopping and bought everything on the list to put into the food bank. It was our way of giving a little something back now we're back on our feet and doing better.

Hopefully we also made someone's Christmas just a little bit brighter.

parklives Tue 02-May-17 20:37:12

Wow, that's such a wonderful story op, really glad you are back on you feet.
I will remember to make more effort to donate more often in the future.

rainbowsandglitterandshit Tue 02-May-17 20:37:39

That is a lovely, so glad things worked out for you smile

Shiraznowplease Tue 02-May-17 20:41:25

Pinky do you mind me asking the one or two things you found best in the parcels? I try to buy biscuits and teabags as I know they would help me but would prefer to know which made you smile most?

AliceIsthatYou Tue 02-May-17 20:44:01

That's lovely! I'm now going to look into where my nearest food bank donation would is.

BooFuckingHoo Tue 02-May-17 20:44:55


How do you use the Ocado donation system as I'd love to donate.

user1492287253 Tue 02-May-17 20:47:22

I think it would be really helpful of the big supermarkets to have shelf liners reminding people of the food bank trolley. Like pp said i forget until i have gone through the till.

OvariesForgotHerPassword Tue 02-May-17 20:47:32

star What a lovely thread flowers

I'm glad things are better for you now smile

We always try to put something in the box, even if it's just a pack of biscuits. At Christmas we put advent calendars and selection boxes in, I love the thought of the food bank putting together hampers with these in!! Wonderful smile

PinkyandtheBrainyOne Tue 02-May-17 20:47:48


Personally, I'd say the biscuits and rice pudding are lovely treats. Rice Pudding can be very filling and quite refreshing.

In terms of staples, a cup of tea goes a long way to making you feel better and warming you up when putting the heating on isn't possible.

Pancakeflipper Tue 02-May-17 20:48:17

Love the Christmas hamper story.
Glad things are beginning to improve for you both.

My neighbour helps at a food bank and her chickens also benefit from some random unusable food donations. Last week the food bank received 24 small jars of homemade chimneys made in 1997.

They also received some huge packs of disposable nappies and this made a new mum cry as she doesn't have the cost of nappies for a few weeks.

ProfYaffle Tue 02-May-17 20:50:42

That's fantastic to hear. I was a CAB advisor until recently, we were asked to nominate families/individuals for this scheme by our local foodbank. I often think of the people we suggested and wonder whether they got their Xmas hampers. smile

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 02-May-17 20:51:40

My Sainsbury's has a food bank box with a notice above it to say what they need. I buy something every time we go in and a more expensive item such as baby milk once a month. DS (6) now sometimes asks to put something in with his pocket money too.

I really like the fact that it goes directly to local people, with no cut to admin machines. It is a shame that we need them though.

Feelingworriednow Tue 02-May-17 20:53:52

Our local food bank keeps their website updated with lists of what they need and what they have loads of. I'm fortunate as I have never needed one, but I'm aware how a change in circumstances means it could be anyone next time.
My DD loves choosing what to put in each shop and top of our list currently is sanitary towel! Not really a luxury but I like to think really needed. We had an interesting discussion the other day about putting value items in. You get more for less money but we decided if we wouldn't by it for ourselves then why do we think it is good enough for others.

PatsysPyjamas Tue 02-May-17 20:57:04

I was off work this morning and quite surprised to see a queue out of the door of the local church, until I realised this is the food bank. I have donated to it before, but never realised people would be queueing outside to get in at 9am. Terrible that we need this in this country.

MerlinsScarf Tue 02-May-17 21:00:16

I'm sorry you were in that situation but so glad they've helped you, and thank you for listing the items that you found useful or cheering. We try to always put something in the local collection box, though like greathat our Tesco one has disappeared suddenly.

AuroraBora Tue 02-May-17 21:00:21

I kept forgetting to donate when I was in the supermarket, plus I'm a massive over thinker and never knew what to donate, so I've set up regular donations instead.

I love the hamper story smile and I'm glad things are on the up for you both flowers

PuffinNose Tue 02-May-17 21:02:47

OP I'm really pleased to hear you are back on your feet. What a lovely thing for the food bank to do.

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